How it Works

WellAware Systems offers a patented, integrated solution comprised of unobtrusive, highly accurate sensors and software, enabling professional caregivers to gather and analyze critical wellness trends of those in need.

This type of technology can be compared to something you experience daily. On the dashboard of your car, there are gauges that measure critical engine functions such as oil pressure, battery charge, and engine temperature. When subtle changes become trends, a light appears on your dashboard to alert the driver of an issue that requires their attention. The intent of this early warning system is to prevent a larger and more serious problem from occurring.

Similarly, WellAware measures key wellness indicators, such as sleep quality, activity levels, bathroom visits, and other physiological information through an array of wireless sensors and analytical software. When subtle changes become trends, the caregiver is alerted so they may address potential, emergent health conditions more quickly. Because of this proactive and preventative approach, health related outcomes are significantly improved across the care continuum.

System Component


The diagram above illustrates how the WellAware system works. An array of wireless sensors is placed strategically around a resident's living space in order to collect and transmit wellness related information to a secure data manager. These sensors do not utilize cameras or microphones and require no active participation from the individual receiving care. Once the data is transmitted, highly specialized algorithms process the aggregated information into wellness and trend reports for comparison to the resident's typical living patterns. These user-friendly reports are designed so caregivers can easily see changes in wellness indicators and they can then be accessed from any computer with Internet connectivity. Examples of WellAware screenshots and reports that caregivers see are below.


Trend Comparisons

Sleep Pie Charts

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