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A Review of the Best Earplugs For Snoring

If a snoring partner or honking horns keeps you awake all night, you already know what scientific research has confirmed — noise can adversely affect your sleep and overall health. Sleep deprivation can even heighten susceptibility to diabetes or Alzheimer’s, prematurely aged skin, and lower libido. The list goes on. 

Studies show that the bed partner of a snorer wakes up an average of 22 times per hour. We understand how frustrating it can be.

So, high-quality earplugs for sleeping are a simple fix for this problem, since they reduce noise significantly. Scientific research has even been confirmed that newborns of low birth weight when given earplugs to block out external sounds, were gained more weight and performed better developmentally.

There are many earplugs for sleeping out there, making multiple claims. One of the best earplugs for sleeping is QuietOn Sleep EarBuds by ZQuiet, as most of its users are satisfied and claim that it’s four times more effective at reducing snoring and environmental noises than regular soft foam and silicone earplugs. 

Furthermore, its manufacturer claims that they are using the gold standard of active noise cancellation, and their snore canceling technology is the first of its kind in the world

But is it really that effective as they claimed? Does it justify its price?

Before recommending this product, our research team decided to take a closer look at this device. We examined its technology, working criteria, noise reduction rating, and safety standers.

Read on to see what we discovered and get ready for your best night’s sleep. However, if you are looking for a CPAP cleaner machine, click here.

QuietOn Sleep Earplugs by ZQuiet are innovative noise-canceling earplugs, ultimate in comfort, specifically designed to reduce snoring sounds and other annoying environmental noises significantly.

Its manufacturer claims that theses innovative earplugs are four times more effective at reducing snoring and environmental noises than regular foam earplugs. The device produces no Bluetooth rays, not even need an app to run it, and thus highly safe for use.

QuietOn Sleep Earplugs Review - Overview

QuietOn Sleep Earplugs are the best earplugs for sleeping with active noise canceling technology optimized to enhance your sleep quality.

It terminates low-frequency noises, which regular earplugs are not able to block. Its engineering team evaluated hundreds of audiotapes, including sounds of snoring, traffic, and other noises coming through walls, to create the elite standard of active noise cancellation to restrain the sounds disturbing your sleep.

It uses a microphone to sample the sound and a speaker to produce an opposing sound wave that acts like a noise eraser. 

The QuietOn Sleep’s snore canceling technology claimed to be the first of its kind in the world.

QuietOn Sleep Earplugs (Quick Summary)

quiet sleepon earplugs

Device Type: Active Noise Cancelation Device (Latest technology in the world)

Material: Plastic (Polyamide, Polycarbonate, ABS), Silicone, Polyurethane Rubber, Stainless Steel, and Gold.

Sizes: 3 different sized changeable ear tips for different sized ears 

Key Features

The QuietOn Sleep Earplugs’ snore canceling technology is the first of its type in the world. It employs active noise-canceling technology, which uses a microphone to sample the sound and a speaker to produce an opposing sound wave that acts like a noise eraser. A lot of research and design went into these earplugs and ensured they are safe, comfortable, and effective. These are the only earplugs designed to block out the specific frequency associated with snoring.

QuietOn Sleep Earplugs are small and lightweight and come with their small carrying case (that’s also the battery charger). The case charges separately, so you can plug it in while you sleep and then wirelessly charge the earplugs in the case while you travel.

Regular earplugs help mute noise somewhat, but not enough for an uninterrupted night’s sleep. QuietOn Sleep Earplugs’ active noise cancellation extensively blocks environmental sounds (including snoring and construction) to assist you to sleep. The battery lasts for up to 20 hours, so you can sleep for an alarmingly long time uninterrupted if you so choose. 

QuietOn Sleep Earplugs are super small and soft, making it comfortable to wear while sleeping. They are cushioned and allow you to sleep on your side without causing any pain or discomfort as a regular earbud might. 

QuietOn Sleep Earplugs also have the option to switch between the silent and the hearing mode. In case while wearing QuietOn Sleep Earplugs, if you still want to hear surrounding sounds, you can easily switch to hearing mode. 

The company offers a 60-day trial. If you’re unsatisfied for any reason, simply return your purchase within 60 days for a refund or credit.

Pros and Cons


  • Easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Super soft, and highly comfortable
  • CE certified for safety 
  • Comes with a 60 days money-back guarantee
  • Comes with a user guide
  • Small and lightweight (highly portable)
  • Having mode switch button (silent and hearing modes)
  • Having USB charging cable, easy to plug in the charging case from numerous power sources
  • Having a Storage/ Charging case that conveniently charges the earplugs when not in use
  • No Bluetooth rays
  • No App needed
  • 20 hr battery life per charge


  • Non-refundable shipping charges for product returns
  • The device is tricky to figure out
  • For proper working, the device needs to be in the correct position in ears

Actual Feedback from Users

“These little earbuds are incredible. I almost returned my pair because I thought they weren’t working well enough, but I called customer service and realized that I wasn’t using them correctly. You have to get a good seal in your ear to work, which means inserting them correctly and using the right-sized tip. There’s also a little button on the side that switches between hearing and quiet mode, and those both have to be switched on. Once I got the hang of it, they are working SO well to quiet my boyfriend’s snoring! I can still hear a little bit of snoring, but it’s nothing compared to the roar of my nights without them.” – Jenna Wagner

“So these things guys, they’re magical! Not only are they great for snoring, BUT. I brought them to my brother’s house because he told me I was sleeping on the couch. He has four kids who all wake up at the crack of dawn. I wore these and literally slept in until 9:30 am: on the sofa, in the epicenter of their playroom.” – Allison

“My husband shakes the house with his snoring. I’m able to sleep finally!! Love these!

 The buttons were tricky to figure out, but once I did, they worked great.” – Frederick P.

 “They do a great job of blocking out low-frequency noise and are small, light, and comfortable to wear. The 20-hour battery life should see you through all but the deepest of sleep, and the talk mode is a neat addition.” – Joe Svetlik

Conclusion and Recommendation

If you notice, most of the QuietOn Sleep Earplugs’ users were happy and very satisfied with the results. Some of the common benefits that users claimed are its latest sound-canceling technology, ease of use, comfortable texture, and ability to switch the silent and hearing modes, comparable to the silicone earplugs, Apple Airpods Pro, soft foam earplugs and Sony WF-1000XM3.

But the device is tricky to figure out at first, and for proper working, it needs to be in the correct position in your ears. Its effectiveness, reduction rating, and safety, though, is without question, as stated by its many users throughout the years.

Summing it up! Based on material, design, comfort, ease of use, and most importantly, noise reduction ability- our recommendation stands with QuietOn Sleep EarBuds. Made by a credible company in America, the QuietOn Sleep Earplugs are highly recommended at reducing snoring and other environmental noises. 

If you’re really looking for the most effective and safe noise-canceling technology, then give a try to this incredible pair of earplugs and allow yourself, your friends, and families to enjoy a quiet, peaceful, and quality sleep.