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Z1 Auto CPAP Machine Review: Your CPAP Machine on the Go

Did you know that only 50% of sleep apnea sufferers actually use a CPAP machine to help them breathe better? Sounds alarming, right?

Well, that’s because most CPAP machines today bring discomfort and inconvenience. Carrying these machines during travel can be a daunting task. Most machines are too large and heavy to pack in your suitcase.

Don’t you just wish there’s a CPAP machine out there that’s light, compact, and delivers outstanding natural breathing experience wherever you may go?

Thankfully, there’s a reliable machine that makes CPAP therapy a very comfortable mobile experience. It’s everything you wanted for a CPAP machine: light, compact, extremely quiet, and effective.

And it’s no other than the Z1 Auto CPAP Machine.

Compact enough to fit in one’s palm, the Z1 Auto CPAP Machine only weighs about 10 ounces. Now, you can take your CPAP therapy while traveling without having to worry about weight and space.

The Z1 Auto CPAP also promotes uninterrupted sleep, thanks to its ultra-quiet motor that only registers 26 dBA during operation.

The machine also has a patented Z-Breathe technology that enhances comfort by lowering CPAP pressure during exhalation based on your breathing pattern. Just like the Resmend CPAP machine, every user can now enjoy prescribed levels of pressure as it auto adjusts to your pressure needs while you sleep.

It comes with a built-in Bluetooth chip so you can wirelessly connect the machine to nearby tablets and smartphones using the free Nitelog app. The app allows you to review and share sleep reports, and even control and adjust basic machine settings, like ramp and Z-Breathe. The app works in both iOS and Android devices.

Quick Summary

Dimension: 6.48 in L x 3.3 in W x 2.02 in H (16.46cm x 8.38cm x 5.13cm)
Weight: 10 oz.
Pressure Range: 4-20 cm H2O 0.5 increment
Pressure Setting Increments: 0.5 cmH2O
Ramp: 0 – 45 minutes (5 mins. increments)
Operating Sound Level: 26 dBA                    Operating Altitude: 0 – 8,000 ft.

Power Consumption: 20W, 30VA
Data Card: Micro-USB cable or Micro-SD card
Z-Breathe Settings: 1 = Gentle, 2 = Moderate. 3 = Maximum
Report Data: AH Count; AHI; Time of Use, Leaks; Pressure
Software: Nitelog (iOS, Android)
Z1 Auto Warranty: 3 Years

Key Features

The Z1 Auto measures only about 6.5 inches and weighs 10.4 ounces, making it one of the lightest auto CPAP machines in the market.

You also don’t have to worry about power since it has a built-in power supply that auto adjusts from 100V to 240V.

And since it is approved by the Federal Aviation Administration, you can count on it for in-flight use.

It’s definitely a CPAP machine that’s built for travel.

Aside from being compact and lightweight, the Z1 Auto CPAP Machine automatically adapts to your breathing requirements every time you use it.

Thanks to its pressure relief feature, it can effectively reduce the air pressure every time you exhale. Your breathing becomes more natural due to the overall lower airstream pressure.

What’s more is that you can also adjust the levels of the Z-Breathe feature: 1 for gentle pressure relief, 2 for moderate pressure relief, and 3 for large pressure relief.

Want to make sure you have a record of all your sleep information? You can keep track of it using the Nitelog App.

This data recording and reporting app allows you to easily share your sleep information with your physician. You can download it to any mobile iOS or Android device, and even sync it directly to your device via Bluetooth.

It even doubles as a remote control for the machine, allowing you to adjust specific settings. Best of all, the Nitelog App is free!

No need to shell out extra money for a humidifier filter. The Z1 Auto CPAP Machine already includes a top-grade humidifier system, which acts as a more convenient alternative to bulky water-based humidifiers.

The Heat Moisture Exchange (HME) requires no additional power since it’s an inline waterless humidification solution.

Need a CPAP machine with a long running time? You can now purchase an optional integrated battery for the Z1 Auto CPAP Machine.

Known as the PowerShell with Extended Life, the integrated battery can extend uninterrupted sleep therapy for at least 8 hours, cord-free!

PowerShell is definitely designed with travelers in mind since it holds both the machine and battery together in one pack.

Pros and Cons


  • Compact and lightweight
  • Travel-friendly and approved for inflight usage
  • Adjusts to your breathing pattern
  • Compatible with almost all masks from other brands
  • Quieter than other CPAP machines
  • Nitelog app allows you to sync and share data report through Bluetooth


  • Higher price point
  • Shipping delays
  • No auto-adjusting mode

Actual Feedback from Users

“Took this to Europe and loved it. Have used on several other trips and I am HAPPY with the performance. The improvement in weight from lugging my old machine along is wonderful. I would recommend this product and wish I had purchased several years ago. I paid for this machine myself, not insurance, and I think it was a good purchase. “ – BV

“Took my HDM Z1 to Italy last month and was very surprised how well it worked. On the plane and ship and in hotels…it was great! I recommend it! Thanks…your product is the best!” – Tony

“So quiet, I asked my husband if it was working! One thing, I wish the filter was washable. The first time I charged the battery, it only went to 3 bars, but after unplugging and reconnecting the power supply, it went to full capacity.” – NJ

“I travel for a living and needed a compact, reliable machine. I bought this machine with the battery pack so that I don’t have to take an extra suitcase and I can use it in the car or on a plane. Works GREAT! I use it only when traveling, but it made a round trip to India last fall and I was able to sleep great both ways AND in the Indian hotels. This machine is a lifesaver!” – Randy

“What a difference. This is my go-to CPAP for traveling. Now I can pack lite on overnight trips!” – Karl K.

Conclusion and Recommendation

Recommended for:

  • Travelers
  • People who want a light and compact device
  • Those who don’t want to pay extra money for humidifier filters
  • Users who want to share their sleep therapy report to their physician

Not Recommended for:

  • People who require extra power
  • Users on a budget
  • Those who want an auto-adjusting CPAP machine

Apart from delivering a natural breathing experience, the Z1 Auto CPAP Machine is small and light enough to take with you anywhere you go. Adjusting the settings is also very easy, thanks to its Nitelog app.

This travel-friendly CPAP machine also has a waterless humidifier system, making it a space saver. You also get to enjoy extended sleep therapy if you opt to purchase its integrated PowerShell and battery.

Although the unit is more expensive compared to many travel CPAP machines, the efficiency and comfort it provides outweigh its disadvantages.

Truly, sleep therapy has never been this compact and convenient.