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Bedphones Review: The Best Sleeping Aid

Sometimes listening to relaxing sound as you fall asleep can be the best way of taking a rest. But that cannot happen if you are using ordinary headphones. Such headphones can be uncomfortable to use while going to sleep because they are not adjustable.

For that reason, you need some nice bedphones to enjoy your music as you sleep. In this post, we are going to give you a guide on how you can choose the best bedphones. But before that, let’s find out what bedphones are.

Bedphones are one of the thinnest and smallest headphones that exist. They have an adjustable and soft hook which lays against your ear so that you can comfortably lie with your head flat against your pillow. Bedphones have an inline mic and remote to help you access it easily. You can as well use it to control phone calls and audio tracks.

Key features of bedphones

Bedphones have several key features that make them different from regular headphones.

Let’s have a look at these features.

It’s easy to use bedphones because they are tailored to fit. Bedphones have over-the-ear memory which follows your ear shape. When using them, you should shape them in your ear so that they can fit well throughout the night and while doing daytime activities like using the gym.

According to bedphones reviews, the best thing about these sleep headphones is their compatibility with various audio devices like smartphones. With their inline remote, you can adjust your audio tracks as you wish.

Bedphones deliver high-quality audios and are durable and comfortable as well. The only issue is that most of them have a fragile cord, which is the case with many other headphone cables. However, despite this, most bedphone users love the cords as they don’t get tangled like those of regular headphones.

Users also love the quality of bedphones speakers as they are not too loud when listening to soothing sounds as they fall asleep.

Be sure to get all night comfort as this sleep headphones fit into your ears perfectly. The speakers are flat, thin and have over-ear memory wire. The best thing is that they can stay in your ears the whole night without troubling your sleep.

Bedphones are more comfortable than regular earbuds and are therefore your best solution if you are looking for something to use at night.

Bedphones tend to be slightly pricier than other sleep headphones due to their top-notch quality. However, the slight difference in their price shouldn’t make you shy away from buying them. You might want to buy them if your concern is comfort during your sleep as you listen to your favorite music or audio-book.

Bedphones have both wireless and wired connectivity. It depends on your choice and preferences. Being light in weight and comfortable to use, you can choose either of them. You can choose ear headphones with wireless connectivity and enjoy your music and receive calls without touching your phone as you relax in bed.

Bedphones also has a three-button remote and an inline microphone which also allows you to adjust the volume of the audio without reaching out to your phone. You can as well pause or skip music remotely.

These types of sleep headphones are made out of rubber-coated memory wire. They are adjustable to fit your needs. You can as well wear the cables behind or in front of your neck depending on your sleeping posture. All you need is to tighten them using the cable slider to keep them secure throughout the night.

Which is the best bedphone?

When choosing bedphones, you might be overwhelmed by the wide variety of choices in the market. After in-depth research, we found out that dubslabs bedphones might be the best choice for those looking forward to sleeping while listening to music.

Let’s find out more about these bedphones.

dubslabs bedphones

Dubslabs bedphones

Dubslabs bedphones might be your best sleeping companion thanks to their comfort and noise-cancelling feature. Whether you have noisy dogs nearby or snoring partners, Dubslabs bedphones will help you enjoy your peaceful sleep. There are two versions of Dunslabs headphones. There are wired and wireless ones.

What makes the Dubslabs bedphones?

These sleeping headphones have main parts like drivers, jack, speaker, cable, button remote and the microphone. Let’s have a look at each element.

Cable: Dubslabs have cables measuring 51 inches long with a cable slider to help it fix the headphones in place. This cable connects to the flexible memory wire ear hooks.

Speaker drivers: Speaker drivers in Dubslabs convert the electric signal into sound. The speaker drivers have a metallic feature that has a diameter of 23mm. These drivers are thin, flat and covered with foam which makes them easy and comfortable to use.

Microphone and button remote: Dubslabs phones have a button remote and inline microphone, which makes it possible to operate the phone remotely. You can make calls, pause music and adjust volume without reaching out to your phone.

Audio jack: The audio jack is a jack plug or phone connector. Dubslabs phones use audio jacks made from gold-plated aluminium and measures 3.5 mm.

However, you cannot compare it with the sound quality of regular high-end headphones. Since it is meant to serve sleep onset, it’s sound quality may not be as best as other regular headphones. Dubslabs offers relatively good sound quality as you sleep.

In a nutshell, dubslabs are small in size, which makes them very comfortable to use. They are the smallest earphones in the world. They are also designed for almost all types of ears to give maximum comfort and ease of use. From customer reviews, most users give these sleeping headphones five stars. The best thing about them is the great customer support from their customer service. Should you have any issues after buying them, you can always reach to their customer support for help.


  • Light in weight
  • Durable
  • Comfortable
  • Easy to use
  • Small in size


  • Quite costly
  • Sound quality not as great as that of top-notch headphones
  • Bedphones lack active noise cancelling feature

Are there other alternatives to dubslabs? What else should you use if you can’t find duslabs? We found two options that you might love to use as alternatives for duslabs bedphones.

CozyPhones Sleep Headphones

You can use these sleep headphones if you are uncomfortable with having a cable behind your neck. There’s a slight difference between these headphones and bedphones. CozyPhones Sleep Headphones aren’t inline headphones because they are based on the head model.

They are comfortable thanks to the foam that covers them and their thin size. You can as well remove and clean the headband then return them in position. These headphones also have a slightly lower price than the dubslabs bedphones.


AcousticSheep Sleep Headphones

Here’s yet another alternative you might want to use in place of dubslabs. These headphones are also classified in the headband model. The best thing is that they are compatible with Bluetooth and have adjustable speakers. 

Since they are washable, you can clean them and still find them working well. With their soft fabric, it’s comfortable to use them throughout the night. You can find them in three different sizes, that is M, extra-large and XS.

acoustic sheep

Are dublabs perfect bedphones for you?

While there are several bedphones to use, dubslabs seem to be the best choice. They are among the smallest inline earphones which are comfortable and easy to use. The soft foam that wraps their earpieces and their lightweight is the reason what they are comfortable to use. Bedphones can either be wired or wireless, giving you the option of choosing what suits you. According to bedphones review, some users complained that bedphones might not fit on all ear types. In conclusion, bedphones might be ideal for most types of ears, but not all of them. Since dublabs company ship internationally, you can place orders and be sure to get them.

How can you pick the right bedphones for sleeping?

There are several factors that you need to put in mind before choosing any bedphones to use at night. Below are some of them.


What’s the material used to make the bedphone? Material matters because it determines how comfortable you are going to be when using it. It should be soft and of high quality. Remember, synthetic material could not be good for you since they can be too hot while using the bedphones.


Do you want to use a wired bedphone or the wireless one? Wireless bedphones tend to be better since they use Bluetooth connectivity.

Sound quality

Even though you are going to use the headphones at night, the sound quality should be clear. Even if the speakers are not too loud, they should offer a decent sound quality that makes you enjoy the audios.


Cleanliness of the bedphones is crucial for your ears health. Consider buying bedphones with removable electronics and washable materials. If not, it should at least have a way of cleaning it to avoid ear infections.

If you constantly have trouble in falling asleep, spending the nights rolling and turning around, you need to get bedphones. Sometimes you might have times where you work so hard during the day but still can’t sleep peacefully. Some quality bedphones might help you fall asleep after listening to some soothing sound effects. We hope this bedphones review will help you make the right choice and enjoy your sleep.