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SolidCleaner ? CPAP Cleaner Product Review

Cleaning your CPAP mask and accessories is essential for keeping your machine working optimally, and to keep bacteria and infections at bay. If you don’t regularly clean your CPAP mask, you may notice a foul smell developing, which is likely to make you even more reluctant to use it.

However, cleaning your CPAP equipment doesn’t have to be complex or cumbersome. There is a range of the best cpap cleaner machines on the market that do the hard work for you. One of the leading products is SolidCleaner, which we’ll be reviewing today.

solidcleaner cpap cleaner

The SolidCleaner cleaning device is one of the most compatible out there and comes with 15 and 22mm universal hose adapters so it’s highly likely it’ll fit your CPAP device. This sanitizer is compact enough to travel with and is straightforward to use: requiring just a click of the button to start the cleaning process.

Just like the Respify review, the SolidCleaner has been proven to kill up to 99.99% of germs, bacteria, and pathogens through its activated oxygen disinfecting process. This means you get a deep and thorough clean without the need for water, soap, or any disinfectant.

What’s included

  • SolidCLEANER CPAP Cleaning Machine
  • SolidCLEANER Sanitizing Bag
  • SolidCLEANER T-adapter
  • User Manual
  • USB Charger Cable
  • Power Plug
  • Adapter & Connector

Cleaning Process

 If left unclean, pathogens can build up in your CPAP mask, causing infections or illnesses such as Pneumonia, Bronchitis, and Nasal Passage Irritation. The SolidCleaner packs a lot of cleaning action into a compact device.

To destroy 99.9% of bacteria, germs, and pathogens, SolidCleaner uses activated oxygen, also known as Ozone (O3), a safe disinfecting agent that breaks down the chemical bond of common oxygen (O2). This highly effective sanitization process means you can completely dry disinfect your mask and accessories without any water, soap, or chemicals.

This same process is used as a sanitizing method in other industries such as municipal water purifications, hospitality, and food processing industries, and even in hospitals – so you know you’re getting an extremely high-quality clean every time. The cleaning process can be run in cycles of 20 or 30 minutes, depending on your personal preferences and the time you have available.


The SolidCleaner cleaning device is super simple to use and has been designed in a way that makes it accessible to a wide range of users. With simple one-button functioning, you can choose between two different cleaning cycles with just one click.

The device also features an automatic shut-off feature which kicks in when your cycle is complete and an LED light indicator that glows when your batteries are running low.

It’s also optimized to require minimal battery charging, and the built-in 2600mAh upgraded high-capacity battery provides approximately 10-12 working cycles with a single charge.

The great thing about the SolidCleaner is not only is it perfect for your CPAP mask and accessories, but it will also deep-clean any other items, such as smartphones, jewelry, and even baby toys. Another feature we liked about the SolidCleaner is its super-quiet operation, which means you can run it without worrying about waking family members.


The SolidCleaner comes with two hose adapters: a 15mm and 22mm variation, so it should fit most sleep device brands on the market. The other great thing about this device is that it comes with everything you need to adapt the sanitizer to your CPAP mask – there’s no need to purchase additional accessories or adapters. It also contains a compatible heated hose adapter for the AirSense10, DreamStation, ResMed S9, and System One.


Weighing just 1.12 pounds, the SolidCleaner is highly portable and doesn’t take up huge amounts of space, unlike other CPAP cleaning devices. This machine is perfect for taking on vacation or for using on business trips, and the fact that it has a built-in 2600mAh upgraded high-capacity battery means it provides approximately 10-12 working cycles with a single charge, meaning you needn’t worry about finding an outlet to plug it into.


The SolidCleaner is built to last. It comes with an 18-month hassle-free warranty for the machine, as well as 12 months of free accessories replacement and 24 hours online service, so you can get customer service assistance whenever you require it, no matter what time of night or day.


The SolidCleaner is great value for money considering that with other CPAP cleaning devices you often have to spend more on special adapters to suit certain masks. Instead, SolidCleaner provides you with everything you need, including the sanitizer bag, several adapters, and a USB charger, all for one very reasonable price, meaning you get plenty of bang for your buck. It also comes with a great 18-month hassle-free warranty and 24-hour online customer service.

man sleeping with cpap machine

What we like

  • The compact device is lightweight and portable for on-the-go cleaning
  • Provides thorough, high-standard sanitization for your CPAP mask and accessories
  • Compatible with a range of CPAP masks and accessories – comes with adapters
  • Great value for money; no need to buy extra products
  • Quiet operation
  • Simple to use, one-button function
  • Choice of two cleaning cycle durations

What we dislike

  • The cleaning process takes between 20-30 minutes which is longer than a lot of devices on the market.

Final Verdict

Overall, we think the SolidCleaner is a great product: it provides thorough oxygen-activated cleaning for your CPAP and CPAP accessories, it’s compact and lightweight for increased portability, and it’s compatible with a wide range of CPAP masks, meaning you won’t have to spend extra on adapters, as these are all included (we prefer this to the Nuwave cleaner). This device is easy to use and has a one-button operation, so you can choose between two different cleaning cycles to suit your schedule.

The one drawback of this product is that the cleaning cycles are slightly longer than some other brands on the market that offer a cleaning cycle between 5 and 10 minutes, however, while the SolidCleaner takes between 20 and 30 minutes, we think that the pros outweigh the cons in this case, and overall the SolidCleaner provides great bang for your buck.