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ResMed AirMini System Review

ResMed AirMini is one of the world’s smallest CPAP machine – a perfect travel cpap machine, which makes it a perfect travel companion for individuals who suffer from sleep apnea disorder but are always on the go. It is also known for its dependable ResMed technologies that feature remarkable waterless humidification to ensure safe and healthy sleep therapy results.

The Bad

It is one of the most convenient CPAP devices today but the noise from its motor needs to be improved to prevent sleep interruption. The ability to utilize HumidX with a full face mask needs to be addressed as well. ResMed AirMini is also slightly more expensive compared to other CPAP devices.

photo of the portable resmed airmini cpap machine

The Bottomline

If you want to take with you the lightest and most effective waterless humidification device that has a fully integrated system, then the ResMed AirMini is definitely the best option out there. It includes top-notch accessories and provides convenient control with its highly responsive app.

The ResMed AirMini is a top quality device that has redefined CPAP therapy. It is loaded with useful CPAP technology and is known for providing great comfort to its users. This device is one of the sleekest and most portable devices that you fiind in the market today.

A recent survey conducted by ResMed suggested that 65% of individuals who are suffering from sleep apnea don’t bring their machines with them when traveling because it is heavy and inconvenient. Fortunately, ResMed company addressed this concern by creating and developing a superior quality CPAP machine that is portable, accessible, and efficient.

It is dubbed as the smallest CPAP device in the world, but don’t be deceived by its size, since this it offers plenty of well-engineered features. This device is known for its dependable SmartStart, AutoRamp, Expiratory Pressure Relief (EPR), and AirMini app. By using their app, you can conveniently adjust the comfort settings from your smart device according to your needs.

It measures 13.6 x 8.4 x 5.2 cm and only weighs 300 grams or 0.66 pounds. The device can easily fit inside your pocket. You can take it with you wherever you go and can always expect remarkable sleep therapy anytime and anywhere.

Exceptional Automated Technology

The ResMed AirMini has an auto start and pressure relief features which allows the users to make a smooth adjustment to CPAP pressure in increments. This eases up your sleep therapy, starting smoothly before reaching your prescribed pressure.It automatically defaults to Expiratory Pressure Relieve or EPR Level 1, which efficiently lowers down the pressure as you exhale by 1cm of water. Depending on your prescription, you can easily adjust the settings to level 2, which lowers the pressure by 2cm water – you can even go to level 3.

Aside from the fact that has remarkable pressure relief features, the ResMed AirMini also is also known for its HumidX™ and HumidX™ Plus. Its humidification component allows you to experience the full benefits of sleep therapy without having to carry a distilled water all the time. HumidX™ is an excellent addition to your CPAP therapy since it provides great moisture that eases the side effects of sleep therapy.

Easy Control and Connectivity

With its highly responsive app, you can now control your AirMini Device with the use of your smartphone or any smart devices. The app allows you to access and control range of comfort settings to ensure a quality restful good night sleep. No need for you to reach the bedside just to make some adjustments!

You can connect it via Bluetooth and is compatible with both Apple and Android devices. It helps you view your sleep therapy data on your smart device without any issues. Take note that the device does not have any screen or display, so you have to access your smart device to view important information such as usage hours, leak rate, events per hour, and even 30 days sleep score.

But I just wish...

The exhalation air noise can be quite annoying at times and thus, needs to be improved. Also, when using a nasal pillow mask and setting it down from your nose mask, you will notice the sound of your exhalation. The noise can be pretty annoying and can cause sleep interruption in the middle of your restful slumber.

The ResMed AirMini is definitely one of the on the market, but its motors require a minor tweak. It needs to function with less noise and more power. Furthermore, this device does not include an additional external battery, which can be quite inconvenient for travelers who find it troublesome to charge their machines from time to time. But of course, purchasing a back-up battery separately is an option. If you think this machine can provide all your needs, and if it fits your budget, perhaps it’s something worth consider. After all, you won’t find many CPAP machines out there as remarkable as this.