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Nuwave Cpap Sanitizer ? Cpap Cleaner Product Review

nuwave cpap sanitizer

With their patented easy-clean, Ozone sanitizing solution Nuwave claims to offer Cpap patients a simple option for cleaning their Cpap masks.

We understand that trying to find the right Cpap sanitizer can be costly and time-consuming but lots of people put up with the burden as it is essential to their health. We’ve put this review together and tested this machine so you don’t have to.

We were really impressed by a lot of what Nuwave has to offer. Aside from not being aesthetically pleasing, there are very few flaws in this range. 

Nuwave has three purchasing options:

  • The Plus
  • The Combo
  • The Travel option

In this article, we’ll be looking at these three models offered by Nuwave. We’ll be breaking down their individual features to help you discover which model is right for you.

Let’s jump right into the review…

Nuwave Cpap Sanitizer reviews:

Shared features

Despite offering three purchasing options, the Nuwave machines have a lot in common. Below are our thoughts on their shared features. 



Cpap cleaning machines that use Ozone are by far our favorite type. There is nothing worse than getting irritation or rashes on your face from mask cleaning materials. This isn’t something you get with Ozone. Plus with Ozone, you don’t get any burnt hair smells like you do with LED cleaners. 

Patented Technology

One of the main problems with ziplock chamber cleaners is that there are many points the Ozone can leak out of. If that happens then your mask doesn’t get cleaned.

Nuwave claim to have solved the problem, here’s their solution in their own words:

‘NUWAVE® is designed with an advanced configuration of a special flange fitting and one of two sanitizing chambers which uses a zipper to open and fully close the unit so the ozone stays inside.’

What this means in non-sales jargon is that the chambers are lined with overlapping materials that prevent the Ozone from escaping whilst your mask is being cleaned.

But what really matters is whether it works or not…

We’re happy to report that this is a great system that really does keep all the Ozone in. And as an added bonus, the system is really easy to clean.

One of the downsides of this system is that Nuwave recommends leaving the chamber closed for two hours after the cycle is finished ‘for the ozone to be converted back to active oxygen’. This means you will need to plan your cleaning schedule in advance as it will take a total of 2 hours and 35 minutes to complete.

Rechargeable Lithium Battery

Each Nuwave Cpap sanitizer comes with a rechargeable lithium battery. These batteries can go for 8-9 cleaning cycles before needing to be recharged. This ‘lifetime’ battery is included in the warranty of the product.

We like that they chose to go with a lithium battery, as although they are more expensive, they have much longer battery life and shelf life than the average battery. A tip for increasing the shelf life of your lithium battery is to not constantly have it charging, this will burn it out over time.

Another benefit of all the machines using the same battery is that you can switch between the batteries if you have multiple machines. Think of them as a universal charging cable.  

Nuwave also sells individual replacement batteries on their website.

Kills 99.9% of Germs

Nuwave claims that using their unique cleaning method they are able to kill  99.9% of germs. In particular, their ‘proven platform of Ozone gas’ is able to kill E-coli and Staphylococcus aureus. Whilst this is pretty standard for a Cpap Sanitizer, this is still a great feature of Nuwave machines. 

kills germs

2 Year Warranty

Whilst this is not the longest warranty we have ever seen on a product, as Cpap cleaners go 2 years is quite impressive. Some of Nuwave’s competitors only offer a 1 year warranty.

The aesthetics

If you are someone who is looking for a Cpap sanitizer that’s going to look good on your nightstand then you might have to skip over this range. These sanitizers look halfway between a travel toothbrush carrier and a cool box. 

The machines perform so well that this is not something that bothers us much. But if you want a good looking Cpap sanitizer, you’re going to have to look elsewhere.


Nuwave also offers free shipping on all products when you order a sanitizer from their website. Having accessories shipped will cost you extra.

They also offer a 30 money-back guarantee. Nuwave’s customer service team has a great reputation, so we don’t think you’ll have any issue getting your money back from them. 

The Models

Now, let’s take a look at the individual models available from Nuwave. The main difference between the models is their size. The Combo is a value pack that includes the two sizes of machine.

The Plus

This is the standard model in Nuwave’s range. Offering a full cleaning cycle in 2:35 hours. The Plus comes with the chamber, generator, tubing, and a rechargeable lithium battery.

The Plus can clean your water humidifier and Cpap mask simultaneously.

The Travel model

This is a mini version of The Plus, designed to be better for travel.  Offering a full cleaning cycle in 2:35 hours. The Plus comes with the chamber, generator, tubing, and a rechargeable lithium battery.

The Travel model can only clean one item at a time. You will have to allow for two separate cleaning cycles.

This seems a little inconvenient as you most likely won’t be able to return to the machine halfway through the day to switch over the cleaning cycles. Due to the type of material the chambers are made of, we thought that The Plus is actually compact enough to travel with (similar to the PurePap). It would also be more convenient to use whilst traveling. 

The Combo

If you just can’t make up your mind between the models above then the Combo might be the perfect option for you.

The Nuwave Combo pack offers both The Plus and The Travel Nuwave machines at a discounted price.

This is our favorite option of the three, as it gives you the best of both machines, and you can save a little money in the process – win, win. 

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