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APEX XT Fit CPAP Machine Review

The APEX XT Fit is a dependable travel CPAP machine for people who want to save money while enjoying a healthy good night sleep. It is a lightweight budget-friendly device that is loaded with advanced modern features to ensure the excellent sleeping experience for frequent travelers.

The Bad

Although modern technology is installed inside the device, it lacks useful add-ons such as a clock and alarm. It does not have a remote update of pressure setting. Also, the design of the device might not be that appealing to some users since it has a rounded bulky look.

apex xt fit cpap machine

The Bottomline

If you are looking for an affordable travel CPAP machine that delivers effective quality results, then this device is the right one for you. It is as good as those top quality devices that are sold at a higher price range. The APEX XT Fit travel CPAP machine offers unbeatable value to people who wanted great sleep therapy results without spending too much money.

The APEX XT Fit is one of the latest models of the XT Line. It is known for its durability and affordability. The device has a palm-sized stature which is very useful for travelers who want to save extra space on their luggage. Even though it is the most lightweight device among the XT line, it is still able to deliver top-level of performance. It has the same efficiency and comfortability than that of a larger but more expensive CPAP machine.

Since this device has a built-in power supply, just like the other models of APEX XT, users will be able to eliminate added weight. It can be easily stored inside its carry-on bag, which is included in the package. This makes the device more compact and easy to travel with. It also has a universal power supply, which efficiently works both in domestic and international power outlets. However, it is advisable that you carry an outlet adapter with you whenever you travel internationally.

This device provides exceptional performance even though it lacks PVA pressure relief function and auto-adjusting pressure features. You will also find its interface very easy to operate. It has simple and straightforward menu navigation that is backed by a crisp and bright LCD display.

Great Portability, Exceptional Technology

The APEX XT Fit has a dimension of 5.7” x 5.1” x 3.9” and weighs 1.76lbs only. And because it has a smaller dimension, storing it should not be an issue. You also won’t have to worry about the condition of the machine while traveling, since it includes a tough and durable carrying bag that perfectly holds both the device and its accessories.

It is an FAA approved device and has auto altitude adjustment feature which comes in handy for frequent travelers. The device also has one of the most accurate leak compensation features out there. Moreover, this device also features easy to understand compliance reporting.

With its advanced ramp setting, falling asleep on a gentle and relaxing pressure is now possible. It gently starts at lower ramp settings to provide easy and comfortable therapy. The ramp settings then gradually increase in 5 minutes increments over a span of 45 minutes. It also has Whisper Quiet operation that promotes restful sleep without being interrupted by the loud sound of the device.

User-Friendly Interface

Despite having exceptional power and tons of incredible technological features, the APEX XT Fit CPAP travel machine remains user-friendly. This device is definitely one of the most intuitive CPAP machines out there. It allows you to set and change the settings without any difficulty. Just like any other superior quality CPAP devices, this machine provides you with accurate advanced data on the screen.

Reading data is also fast and painless since it has a bright LED screen display. Viewing and analyzing information in rooms with low light conditions is easy since it has an illuminating display. Reading and modifying the settings such as set pressure, hours used, and even ramp settings should be easy peasy.

But I just wish...

The APEX XT Fit would have been the perfect travel CPAP machine if only the manufacturer included an auto-adjusting pressure and PVA (Pressure Variation Algorithm) for pressure relief function. Also, most physicians today would recommend devices that provide efficacy reporting, but unfortunately, the APEX XT fit does not have this feature.

Storing additional data or information might also be a challenge since it does not have data collection via SD card. Recording and reporting your sleep progress can be quite a daunting task if you use this device. But for its price, this device is definitely a bang for the buck. With the best basic functions and a good line of advanced capabilities, there’s no question why this machine is loved by many.