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Purify CPAP Sanitizer- CPAP Cleaner Product Review

When you are a regular CPAP user, you know the importance of keeping the equipment clean. These things help us breathe, right? We don’t want them to be dirty as that could have an effect on our health. An unclean CPAP machine and the equipment that goes with it can quickly become a breeding ground for bacteria that could make you sick.

To keep them as clean as possible, it is advised that you use a CPAP cleaner. We thought that it would be super helpful if we gave you an in-depth review of what we think is one of the best cleaning products for CPAP machines and equipment around. Purify O3 top CPAP Sanitizer is such a good choice if you want to ensure you get yourself a quality product.

The product comes from a company called Responsive Respiratory Inc. They were founded in 2002 with the aim of providing high quality respiratory related products for the public who need them most. They offer a variety of different respiratory products, all of which are tested rigorously to ensure that they meet Responsive Respiratory Inc.’s high standards. They are also very proud to have a responsive customer service tweak who will always be on hand to help you make your order or answer any queries. Their Purify O3 Sanitizer is one of the most popular products they have, so keep on reading to find out why.

Product Summary

purify cpap sanitizer

Make sanitizing your CPAP  equipment your new favorite pastime. It has never been so easy as it will be with the Purify O3 Sanitizer! The system uses O3 – which is also known as activated oxygen –  to clean the mask, humidification chamber, and all the other equipment it comes with without the need for soap, water, or potentially harmful cleaning substances. The best part is it does it all in just 35 minutes.

The product is in a kit with a dual purpose sanitizing case that can also double up as a travel case for portability. It is super small as it is travel sized, so you need not worry about being able to sanitize your CPAP equipment if you are away from home. It also has a tubing adapter, a USB cable, a wall adapter, and an instructional manual. The specifications for the product are as follows:

  • Size: 4.5” x 2.75” x 2”
  • Weight: 0.5lbs
  • Power source: 4W, Lithium-Ion batteries (rechargeable)

The kit has everything you need and there is no need to buy anything else to go with it in order to use it. It also comes with a two year warranty from the manufacturer, giving you the reassurance that you can get a replacement should anything be wrong with it. It is also FSA and HSA eligible.

Best Features

It cleans your equipment using O3

Similar to the Respify cpap cleaner, the Purify O3 uses innovative activated oxygen to clean your equipment. This is hospital grade cleaning to ensure that your equipment is kept as clean and hygienic as possible. It is made when dry, ambient air is exposed to an electric charge. This makes it very reactive, allowing the oxygen to attach itself to harmful molecules like those from bacteria, dissipating them, and ensuring the equipment is free of these potentially dangerous bacteria for you to safely use your CPAP or BiPAP machine.

The process is quick and easy

The process of using the Purify O3 is relatively straight-forward, and the whole cleaning process is done within 35 minutes. For the 35 minutes, you can just let it do its thing. When that process has finished you can then wait 90 minutes to ensure all of the oxygen has dissipated. This makes it ideal to do as soon as you have woken up, as you know you can just leave it there for the rest of the day safe in the knowledge that it will be ready at night.

It is super portable

The Purify O3 is small in size and comes with a super handy travel sized bag that you can use during the sanitation process as well as for storage. This makes it the ideal choice for someone who travels a lot for work and is worried about potentially being unable to sanitize their equipment on their trips.

cpap machine with mask

How to use it

To use the Purify O3, first ensure the mask or any other equipment you are planning to clean is free of any visible grime, dust, and anything else that may be on there. You can then go ahead and place the mask in the sanitization back along with the O3 device. When they are both inside, hold the On/Off button on the device for 3 seconds until a green light starts up and you hear a beep. The device is now ready to be used. You should then zip the case shut fully and leave it there for 35 minutes. When it is finished it will beep 5 times to alert you. You do not need to take it out then, though, as you can leave it in there for a further 90 minutes to ensure that all the oxygen has dissipated. If you are cleaning your tube you can attach the tube to the O3 device. If you want to sanitize all of your equipment at once, it may not all fit in the sanitization bag. In this case, you can get a large container, ensuring it is completely clean, and place all of the equipment in there along with the O3 device.

If for whatever reason you wanted to stop the cleaning process in the middle of a cycle, you should open the sanitization bag or the container and hold in the On/Off button for three seconds again. Do this until it signals you with a long beep. The device is now off. You should, however, wait a further 90 minutes before removing the contents of the bag or container to allow the O3 to dissipate. Zip the bag back up for this, or put the lid back onto the container.

What we liked

There is truly plenty to like about this product, and it is one of the best sanitization devices for CPAP (or indeed BiPAP) machines we have found. Here are some of the main pros for the product:

  • Everything you need is in one kit. There is no need to purchase any extra equipment in order to use it, everything comes in one handy carrying bag that can be used for both traveling and for sanitization
  • The O3 cleaning system promises hospital grade cleaning with each use, meaning you can rest easy knowing that your equipment will be bacteria free and will not cause you harm
  • The Purify O3 cleaning system is super easy to use and comes with very informative instructions that are also bilingual. We found the set up of it one of the easiest around, especially is it can all go into the bag included
  • Responsive Respiratory Inc. is the creators of this product and they have had many years of experience in the field. This puts them in good stead against newer manufacturers and also gives you (the buyers) the reassurance that all of their products will have undergone very intense testing to ensure that they are up to standard

It is also very quiet when it runs. This may not be such a big deal as having a quiet CPAP Machine but still, no one likes to hear annoying loud noises from their household devices!

What we didn’t like

Of course, not every product is completely perfect, and sadly this one is no different. For a full understanding of the product, you should also know about the features of it that we didn’t like so much. Here are the features that we feel were lacking:

  • Because of the nature of the O3 that is used to clean it, it has to be used in a well ventilated room. Of course, O3 is safe to use if done so properly, but if it does not have good ventilation it could potentially be a hazard.
  • The 90 minute wait time after the sanitization cycle has finished may put off some people

Final word

The Purify O3 CPAP Sanitizer is certainly a great choice for all CPAP or BiPAP owners, particularly those who need a sanitization device that can be easily transported (similar to the Moocoo). The product is from a reputable company with many years of experience in the respiratory field, and because of their very helpful customer service team, you will always feel like you are in safe hands. We hope our review has allowed you to gain some knowledge on the company, and most importantly, has helped you make a decision of what sanitization device for your CPAP machine you would like to buy. If you did want to get yourself one of these, you can go directly to the website that is dedicated to this product. PurifyO3 has even more interesting information on their website about the product as well as a very handy Frequently Asked questions page (although, we are sure you know all there is to know now!).