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IntelliPAP Standard with Heated Humidifier Review

As expected of this brand, the IntelliPAP Standard with heated humidifier delivers solid, reliable performance to help with your sleep apnea problem. With its SmartCode feature, monitoring your therapy’s progress is a breeze. It is also lightweight and compact making it suitable for those who frequently travel. It is also the most affordable model in the brand’s lineup so it’s perfect for those who are shopping on a budget.

The Bad

It lacks the more advanced features found in the high-end models of the IntelliPAP line. For instance, it has no event detection and sleep data gathered is a bit limited as well.

intellipap standard with heated humidifier

The Bottomline

If you’re looking for a CPAP machine that’s packed with only the necessary features to help you get better sleep at night, then this is perfect for you. It might not contain all the high-tech features found in other models but it gets the job done.

The IntelliPAP Standard with Heated Humidifier is made by DeVilbiss, a company known for producing high quality yet well-priced CPAP line of machines. This is the brand’s cheapest model available and can be thought of as its entry-level offering for this niche.

But in DeVilbiss’ case, cheapest does not mean a compromised quality. The IntelliPAP standard version is equipped with all the needed features to effectively treat sleep apnea, such as a wide range of pressure, sleep data collection, and reporting, delay pressure ramp as well as an ultra-quiet operation. We’ve covered some of its features below to help you understand why this model is well-liked by its users.

Comfort Uncompromised

Comfort is of paramount importance for people undergoing sleep apnea treatment. After all, one of the treatment goals is to give the patient the most restful sleep possible. One of the ways that DeVilbiss increased the comfort level of its IntelliPAP brand of machines up a notch is to introduce a delay pressure ramp feature. Users can set the ramp time from 0 to 45 minutes at five-minute increments so it can slowly increase the pressure to the prescribed level. This way, the machine gives the patient plenty of time to get used to the increasing air pressure helping him ease into sleep.

If you’ve been doing some research on top CPAP machine, you’ve probably noticed that most high-end models feature heated humidifiers. This is because dry, unheated air might cause nasal passage and throat irritation. These unwanted side effects can be extremely uncomfortable especially for patients who use the device every night. But with this machine’s heated humidifier in place, the irritation is either greatly reduced or completely eliminated. Plus, at 26 dbA noise level during operation, this is one of the quietest machines on the market today.

Smart and Modern Features

In treating sleep apnea, doctors would prescribe a specific pressure level to cure the symptoms. The IntelliPAP Standard is up for the challenge with its capability of producing a wide range of pressure depending on the patient’s needs. You can set the device’s pressure level to as low as 3 to as high as 20 cmH2O.

And if you’re a frequent traveler, this handy model only weighs 2.7 pounds so you won’t have a problem carrying with you wherever you go. It is also very compact and measures only 6.4″H x 6.5″W x 8.4″D. By removing the heated humidifier, it becomes even smaller at 4.2″H x 6.5″W x 6.9″D so it can easily fit in your luggage.

As for monitoring your therapy progress, this CPAP device makes it easier for you as you can it tracks you sleep performance while you are using it with its SmartCode feature. You can even generate reports based on data gathered by this feature. SmartCode can generate reports for 90-day, 30-day, 7-day or 1-day periods, which can be saved on a memory card.

But I just wish...

Well, not all products are perfect. And for this one, the cheapest model in the IntelliPAP lineup of machines, it lacks some of the features of its more expensive cousins. For instance, it has no SmartFlex exhale pressure relief and no event detection feature, which might be an issue for some people. In addition, its reporting and data gathering prowess are limited. You won’t get Apnea-Hypopnea Index (AHI), Expiratory Puff Index (EPI) and Non-Responding Event Index (NRI) from the machine.

Considering the absence of those features, is the IntelliPAP Standard with Heated Humidifier the perfect machine still for you? If your doctor does not specifically require you to get those types of reports, then it is safe to conclude that this model might be the right fit for your needs. There’s no point getting overboard and spending more money to get features you might not need. What’s important is you get a machine that suits your needs, approved by your trusted medical expert, and doesn’t break the bank.