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About WellAwareSystems

WellAwareSystems is a resource site for those who suffer from obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) and other sleep disorders. Founded by a passionate advocate for health tech news and life science, this site stems from personal experience and deep-rooted interest. Our founder, who began facing the challenges of insomnia in her late thirties, also has a familial background deeply intertwined with sleep disorders, notably sleep apnea. Holding a Master’s Degree in Biotechnology Business, she combines her academic expertise with her personal journey to bring you WellAwareSystems. 



Bright Minds on Your Side

To this day, I still remember the confusion, fear, and uncertainty I felt upon discovering that I actually stopped breathing frequently during sleep. I figured it was probably wise to reach out to fellow OSA sufferers for that simple reassurance that sleep apnea is manageable and is not as scary as once thought…

 That was how WellAwareSystems was born.

  • Many Years

    ... of experience with CPAP and OSA devices

  • Team Reviews

    ... and analysis of the best and worst devices on the market

  • Countless

    ... hours of improved sleep for our readers

The WellAwareSytems Team

Valentina DOR

Founder & Owner

Valentina (MSc in Biotechnology) is passionate about modern bioscience research. As someone who has suffered from insomnia and has family members who suffer from sleep apnea, she fully understands how frustrating the condition can be. In addition, as a yoga teacher, she has conducted research on how regular yoga practice can improve poor sleep conditions.

Valentina Dor

Senior product editor

Valentina (MSc in Bio Business) is in charge of editorial and scientific supervision. She is passionate about modern bioscience research and longevity topics. As someone who has family members who suffer from insomnia and sleep apnea, she fully understands how frustrating the condition can be. In addition, she has conducted research on how regular yoga practice can improve poor sleep conditions.

Shaona Laskar

Copywriting & Blogging

Shaona is one of our longest serving, and most trusted team members. She brings a creative flair to her articles and reviews which we love.

Ayesha Siddiqua

Medical Writer

Ayesha is our medical writer, she studied at medical school in Pakistan - utilizing her expertise for our product reviews.

Dr. Aya Salha

Medical Doctor (MD)

Dr Salha graduated from IUG medical school and currently is working for the Palestinian Ministry of Health. Her experience in clinical research and auditing has given her a strong skill set in medical writing and is passionate about providing the Arab world with trusted medical information.As well as working for WellAwareSystem she has also been publishing medical articles on the tebfact.com.

Dr. Shane McKeown

Medical Doctor (NHS)

Dr McKeown is a qualified doctor who graduated from Cardiff University with a Bachelor of Medicine + Bachelor of Surgery (M.B.B.S.) He has vast experience with authoring articles on health, manuscripts, literature review, medical leaflets and medical training courses. Aside from working with WellAwareSystems, he is currently working for the NHS (National Health Service in Britain/UK)

Dr. Bardha Citaku

Medical Doctor

Dr Bardha Citaku is a Medical Doctor and Sleep Expert. Dr. Citaku has been working in the area of sleep research and CBT for insomnia for more than three years now helping hundreds of Veterans and sleep deprived workers improve their sleep. She has been working in research projects with World Health Organization and Johnson&Johnson.

Dr. Farah Naz

Medical Doctor (MD)

Dr Naz qualified with a Bachelor of Medicine + Bachelor of Surgery (M.B.B.S) from a very reputed university; Dow University of Health and Sciences. She completed a foundation year training as a Medical House Officer and worked in a variety of subjects including Medicine, Surgery, Cardiology, Urology and Orthopedic specialties. Dr Naz has extensive experience using her medical knowledge writing medical and healthcare articles for a variety of publications.

Dr. Zeinab Farock

Medical Doctor (MD)

Dr Farock is a bilingual medical doctor, with extensive knowledge in medical science such as biology, biochemistry, anatomy, neuroscience, and specialties like medicine, surgery, obstetric and gynecology, and psychology.

Dr. Joana Teixeira

Resident Doctor (MD)

Dr Teixeria is a Medical Doctor, based in Portugal. She works as a resident doctor in one of the biggest Portuguese public hospitals, coordinating a unit of SNS24, the main call centre for the screening of COVID-19 symptoms and high-risk contacts.She has published research on a scientific publication as part of her thesis, on the topic of Medical Genetics, namely SLC1A4 mutations.

Dr. Pranav Kukreja

Consultant Anesthetist (NHS)

Dr Kukreja is a qualified Doctor who graduated with a Bachelor of Medicine + Bachelor of Surgery (M.B.B.S.) in 2001.He is currently working as a lead consultant working for the NHS (National Health Service in Britain (UK/United Kingdom), with more than 15 years experience, frequently treating Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (OSA) in both children and adults by using CPAP therapy on many of his patients.

Dorin Otinga

Copywriting & Review Expert

Dorine Otinga is a passionate writer who loves writing about different topics. With her wealth of experience, she has polished her writing abilities and research skills. Apart from writing, she loves cooking and travelling.

The WellAwareSytems Mission

Once your doctor gives you a prescription for a CPAP machine for your treatment, you’ve got another headache coming your way. There are too many brands and models out there that deciding which works for you is confusing. As fellow sufferers, our team members have made countless buying mistakes when choosing our first CPAP device such as going for a very expensive model when one does not really need all its high-end features or going for a model that does not deliver the comfortable treatment you deserve.
That is where our team comes in. At WellAwareSystem, it is our mission to help you figure out the best CPAP machines for your specific needs. Our site owner has vast experience in plastic products, medical devices and product engineering experience, along with years of suffering from OSA condition – we are well positioned to offer our advise and expertise. 
In this site, you’ll find CPAP machine reviews as well as buying guides to help you make an intelligent buying decision. We’ve also included pros and cons for each of the high-quality options we covered in our articles to give you a better understanding of each product.
We’ve also included s few resources to answer some questions you may have about sleep apnea, its treatment, and some of the issues commonly encountered by sufferers. It is our goal that you’ll eventually learn how to manage your condition and get that restful sleep each night just like Thomas and the rest of the WellAwareSystems team.