WellAwareSystems is a resource site for those who suffer from obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). The site is founded by George Porter who was diagnosed with the condition a decade ago when he was still in his thirties.

As a sleep apnea patient, he knows how frustrating the condition can be. You go to sleep early at night hoping to feel recharged the following day. But when morning arrives, you still feel just as drained as the night before; it’s as if you haven’t slept at all.
After years of suffering sleepless nights due to snoring and other discomfort brought by OSA, George’s wife really urged him to see a doctor. After going through a round of nocturnal polysomnography tests where his breathing pattern, brain, lung and heart activity, and blood oxygen levels were monitored during sleep, the verdict was finally in – he has obstructive sleep apnea.

WellAwareSytems Team

To this day, George still remembers the confusion, fear, and uncertainty he felt upon hearing the diagnosis. It was his first time hearing of the medical term and he admitted to feeling anxious when he found out that he actually stopped breathing for several seconds in his sleep. On the hindsight, he figured it was probably better if he reached out to fellow sufferers back then, even for that simple reassurance that sleep apnea is manageable and is not as scary as he once thought.
And that’s what every member of the WellAwareSystems.com team is here for. Each of us also suffer from sleep apnea to varying degrees and has experienced the same shock and fear as the rest when we found out about the condition. We are here to share the lessons we’ve learned along the way and help you deal with some issues that may arise from your OSA treatment.

WellAwareSytems Mission

Once your doctor gives you a prescription for a CPAP machine for your treatment, you’ve got another headache coming your way. There are too many brands and models out there that deciding which works for you is confusing. As fellow sufferers, our team members have made countless buying mistakes when choosing our first CPAP device such as going for a very expensive model when one does not really need all its high-end features or going for a model that does not deliver the comfortable treatment you deserve.
That is where our team comes in. At WellAwareSystem, it is our mission to help you figure out the best CPAP machines for your specific needs.
In this site, you’ll find CPAP machine reviews as well as buying guides to help you make an intelligent buying decision. We’ve also included pros and cons for each of the high-quality options we covered in our articles to give you a better understanding of each product.
We’ve also included s few resources to answer some questions you may have about sleep apnea, its treatment, and some of the issues commonly encountered by sufferers. It is our goal that you’ll eventually learn how to manage your condition and get that restful sleep each night just like George and the rest of the WellAwareSystems team.
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