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Resmed Cpap Cleaner – Cpap Mask Product Review

All regular CPAP users should know the importance of keeping their equipment clean. Because of the nature of CPAP masks, and the tubing attached to them, they are very prone to build up from our sweat, dry skin, and other gunky gross things our bodies produce (don’t worry, all our bodies do it). It is super important that your mask and equipment are cleaned before and after each use. This will limit the amount of bacteria on the mask and equipment that could otherwise make you sick. As well as this, cleaning them regularly will help prevent skin irritation and breakouts that can be caused by unsanitary masks.

One brand that produces masks and CPAP equipment is ResMed. ResMed is a company operating in the US and over the water in the UK. as well as making CPAP equipment and accessories, they also manufacture some excellent CPAP cleaning products.

In this article we are going to be reviewing two of the best CPAP cleaner products from ResMed, letting you know exactly why we love them as well as providing you with some handy pros and cons for both of them so you know exactly what to expect.

So if you are on the lookout for a new CPAP equipment cleaner, look no further because this article is the one for you.

ResMed CPAP mask wipes

resmed cpap mask wipes

Product Overview

ResMed’s CPAP Mask Wipes have convenience at their core. Like any type of cleaning wipes, these are easy to use and take seconds when cleaning your equipment. This pack of 62 wipes can be used daily before and after each use to reassure you that your equipment is clean and safe. Whilst it cannot replace regular deep cleaning, it is certainly needed for those daily once obers. They can remove oils, dirt build up, and other organic residues that may have come from your face whilst using. The wipes are 100% cotton and are also free from harsh alcohol and latex which is a common allergen. They are totally unscented so you need not worry about any scents overpowering you. They are also enriched with aloe vera making them excellent for your skin – after all, that’s what most often comes into contact with your mask.


  • Super convenient
  • Available in multipacks so you can stock up
  • Free of harsh alcohols and chemicals
  • Great for daily cleaning in between thorough deep cleans
  • Unscented and 100% cotton to ensure it is gentle for your skin


  • They cannot replace through deep cleaning
  • Because they are 100% cotton there is a chance you may experience lint

What we like

  • We love the fact that these are free of harsh alcohol. This proves that cleaning can be done without the need for harsh ingredients like this
  • The packaging ensures the wipes stay wet rather than drying up in the container
  • They can easily be taken in a bag when you travel
  • They disperse easily giving you the ultimate convenience when you need them
  • They are very clear about the ingredients in the wipes giving you peace of mind that you are using what suits you

What we did not like

  • It is not clear whether they are biodegradable. We wish they would have made this clear, whatever the answer.
  • Even though they are meant for convenience, it may bother some people that they are not intended to give a thorough clean
  • The equipment must be left to air dry after using the wipes which may be inconvenient for some users if they want to begin using it right away
  • Some users may find that they leave a greasy residue

ResMed cleaning spray - 400 ml

resmed cleaning spray

Product Overview

ResMed’s cleaning spray is an excellent addition to your CPAP cleaning products repertoire. It is super thorough and promises a good clean for your CAp mask and air tubes. In fact, any plastic and silicone part of your CPAP equipment can be used with this ResMed cleaning spray. It cleans away dirt, oily residue and other build ups with ease, making your mask more fresh and comfortable. This product is a 400ml bottle but it also comes in other sizes and multipacks, ensuring you can stock up when needed or buy travel sized versions thanks to the 100ml size.  The vast majority of ingredients in the spray are biodegradable after 28 days. Talking of ingredients, they are very clear about what ingredients are in the spray. It is suitable for daily use and is quicker than some other cleaning methods whilst still being thorough.  


  • Easy to use
  • Transparent about ingredients
  • Available in a travel sized battle or multipacks as well as this size
  • You can clean the mask as well as any silicone and plastic equipment on your CPAP set up
  • Rids your mask of dirt, oil and other matter to ensure it is fresh and safe to use


  • It requires a little more action than ResMed’s wipes as you need to use it at a wash basin and use a cloth with it

What we like

  • We loved the fact that it is available in a handy 100ml travel size
  • We liked that the ingredients in the cleaner are proven to be sufficient at ridding your equipment of dirt and oil residue
  • We liked that ResMed have sought to use ingredients that are biodegradable. Even though it is not 100 percent biodegradable, it is still a very impressive 84 percent biodegradable. They are very upfront about this.
  • We liked that it was suitable for daily cleaning, whilst being through. Usually daily cleaners like their wipes are not thorough enough to completely clean the equipment. The spray does it all, ensuring bacteria cannot build up

What we did not like

  • The ingredients, whilst being efficient at cleaning, are not all natural unlike the wipes. This may put off users who are looking for mre natural cleaning solutions.
  • The only two sizes available for 400ml and 100ml. It would have been nice to see sizes in between these, as well as some bigger for those who want to stock up. That being said they do sell multipacks.

Final verdict

Overall, we were very impressed with ResMed’s Cleaning Products for CPAP equipment. These two products were definitely the stand out items for us in terms of effectiveness, convenience and ease of use, along with the SoClean 2 or the Purify cleaner. If you are looking for a new CPAp equipment cleaner, we wholeheartedly recommend ResMed’s products.

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