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ResMed AirMini Travel Auto CPAP Review

ResMed AirMini is considered as among the smallest travel CPAP machines available today that has a top-grade waterless humidifier. Users will appreciate its modern adjustable comfort settings such as SmartStart, Ramp Time, and EPR (Expiratory Pressure Relief).

The Bad

Since this device includes various features, the AirMini might not be a practical solution for people who are looking for affordable travel devices. The device is also known to give off plastic odors, which can be very unpleasing to individuals who have sensitive noses.

photo of the portable resmed airmini cpap machine

The Bottomline

The AirMini is specially designed to work as a fully integrated system that effectively promotes comfortable sleep therapy. And although it is more expensive compared to other travel devices, with all the comfort and technology it provides, it is still considered as one of the top devices available around.

If you had an eye on small but fully capable best travel CPAP devices, then the ResMed AirMini Travel Auto CPAP machine is definitely for you. Many CPAP machine companies have come out with their own version of travel devices and ResMed company emerges as one of the top players today – thanks to its advanced AirMini machine. It has various noteworthy features that can effectively improve an individual’s sleep quality for good.

ResMed AirMini also has HumidX which moisturizes the air that you breathe, causing your mucus membranes to stay hydrated instead of getting dry. HumidX provides a small heat and moisture exchange that works exceptionally well. By using this device, you will not only be able to experience better quality sleep but you are also avoiding health risks involved in long-term usage of CPAP machines.

Traveling with regular CPAP machines can be a very daunting task. It is big, awkward, and adds weight to your bag which consumes a lot of your time. Fortunately, the ResMed company has built a solid yet portable device for people who spend a lot of time on the road or air. AirMini can conveniently eliminate the stress of having to carry heavy devices during your travel. Now you will be able to save more energy while sleeping more restfully.

Equipped with High Level Technology

You can easily find several CPAP machines today that have waterless humidifiers, and HumidX is one of the most noteworthy ones. This piece of technology was created to provide higher comfort levels by making sure that you are breathing a healthy air that has a balanced moisture content. HumidX also provides a sense of ease and freedom since waterless humidifiers do not require you to carry extra distilled water. Bear in mind that you are not allowed to transport that much distilled water when traveling by air.

ResMed Air Mini Travel Auto CPAP also has valuable AutoRamp settings which offer accurate sleep onset detection. Falling asleep is a lot easier and more comfortable since the device starts at low pressure. And once you arrive in dreamland, expect the pressure to comfortably ramp up to the prescribed level. It gradually increases the pressure in increments of 5 until the prescribed pressure has reached the optimum level.

The SmartStart feature is also an incredible feature of this device since it automatically starts your therapy just by breathing in. Yes, you don’t have to press anything just to start the treatment. This means that you don’t have to move around and reach for bedside after putting your mask on.

Enjoy Smart Add-Ons

The AirMini allows you to control its setting through the AirMini app. The app has received numerous positive reviews due to its capability to access and control the different comfort settings of the device such as EPR, SmartStart, and Ramp time. The app greatly adds to the overall sleep therapy experience.

You will also be able to access your sleep score each morning. The sleep tracking feature of this device gives out vital daily stats such as mask seal and usage hours. It offers 30-day history so you can keep track of your sleeping pattern while you travel.

You can easily connect the device using Bluetooth Technology. The app can be downloaded on your tablet or smart devices and is available in both iOS and Android devices. If you want a personal sleep therapy assistant that allows you to make some comfort settings adjustments or view sleep therapy data while traveling, then the AirMini app is your companion.

But I just wish...

The biggest drawback of this highly-advanced CPAP device is that it does not come with a portable battery. It also has a relatively big wall plug which can be pretty annoying, especially if you are using a travel adaptor. And as mentioned earlier, the AirMini can be very expensive to some users.

Some users are also disappointed since they are only able to use 3 mask products, such as the Airfit F20 Full FaceMask, AirFit N20 Nasal Mask, and AirFit P10 Nasal Pillows Mask. Given that this machine is compatible to only selected masks available in the market today, this is one factor you need to keep in mind before purchasing.