Useful Guide When Buying Best Travel CPAP Machine

According to the National Institute of of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, sleep disorders such as sleep apnea bring significant health issues that can lead to long term risks of diseases. Fortunately, there are several treatment options available today and one of the most effective ones is by using CPAP machines.

CPAP machines come in different models, configurations, functionality, and settings. For avid travelers diagnosed with sleep apnea, it is vital that you find the best travel CPAP machines out there.

Why Choose Travel CPAP Machine?


It is now possible for frequent travelers to enjoy a good night sleep with the help of the best travel CPAP machines. You can bring them wherever you go since they are small, compact, and lightweight, which will make it easier for you to improve the quality of your sleep while traveling. Not to mention you can save more energy by carrying light machines that have multiple plug-in device adapters and light portable battery.

Design and Function

Although these travel CPAP machines are small and more compact, it should still be able to function very satisfactorily - same as that of a regular but heavier machines. They are still equipped with superior quality airflow generators, humidifiers, connective hoses, filters, and masks.
When it comes to buying these machines, bear in mind that your goal is to find one that suits your needs and can produce the best results.


These machines are more affordable compared to regular machines. If you want to be able to sleep well without breaking the bank, then go look for the best travel CPAP machines and you won’t regret it.
Do your research well and make sure that they are not only affordable but are also made out of durable quality materials and has incredible features.
Best Overall Feature:

Transcend EZEX

Transcend EZEX is among the best-selling travel CPAP machines out there. It is known for its beautiful design and remarkable function. It is a small yet powerful device that can do several functions simultaneously.
transcend ezex
Since it is designed by EZEX technology, the user can experience efficient pressure relief. It has a great leak detection feature that gives you accurate indication of any leak around the mask area. This travel CPAP machine has the different settings in order to accommodate the needs of different users. It also has an automatic altitude adjustment, which is perfect for people who fly frequently. But for people who are new to using CPAP machines, the EZEX technology can be a bit complicated to operate.
Needless to say, it is an exceptionally quiet travel CPAP machine that produces less than 27dBa. Users also love its TranSync sleep tracker technology, which you can conveniently access using your computer or smartphone. Few users claimed that they are having a hard time connecting with the device through their tablet, so this is something to keep in mind.
Its DC mobile adaptor offers several power options and so you can make appropriate power adjustments depending on the place you’re traveling to. It comes with a high-quality solar charger battery as well, and has a 3-year warranty.
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Best in Portability:


With a weight of only 10 oz., HDM Z1 Auto CPAP is perfect for travelers who are looking for portable machines. This has an incredible PowerShell with a battery that can operate for around 9 hours; and the best part, it can be used cord-free.
z1 cpap machine
It is compatible with any CPAP mask that you can find in the market today and has only 26dBa of noise. You can also expect excellent battery juice - although some users run into trouble with how much power it can generate. It is very convenient to use since it adjusts the pressure automatically, according to your sleeping pattern. Moreover, this device saves a lot of time from setting or adjusting the pressure over and over again.
The HDM Z1 Auto CPAP also has Z1-breathe technology that provides excellent pressure relief. Few users, though, claimed to experience minor discomfort during the ramp time. Nonetheless, it comes with a great quality waterless humidifier and a custom USB cable. Keep track of your apnea episodes, sleep duration, and other data by downloading and installing the app on your smartphone.
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Best Data Tracking:

Philips Respironics DreamStation Go

The Respironics DreamStation Go has a great touchscreen system and amazing interface. It has advanced sleep data trackers and you can easily store sleep information on the device for a year on its system through the DreamMapper data card. Moreover, the LCD screen gives out conveniently readable information.
philips respironics dreamstation go
It only weighs 1.86 pounds and has an optional battery that can be bought separately. Its 1.5 pounds rechargeable battery can provide uninterrupted power to the device for at least 13 hours. While the FAA approved battery offers excellent battery life, it can be quite expensive for some users to buy.
The Respironics DreamStation Go is also known for its Flex Control Technology that provides users with excellent pressure relief. But note that few of its users reported that they have experienced discomfort during exhalation while using the device.
If you want an automatic altitude adjustment, then this device is for you. It has 12mm tubing that can be stored inside your bag without any difficulty.
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Best Technology:

ResMed AirMini

ResMed AirMini is known for its ActiveAir technology that efficiently caps therapy flow while steadily increasing therapy pressure. It is also has an amazing EPR (Expiratory Pressure Relief) technology which provides comfort by reducing pressure during exhalation while maintaining the lowest possible pressure during inhalation. And because of its HumidX technology, this device has one of the best waterless humidifiers out there that offers efficient and comfortable humidification.
resmed airmini
Users will also appreciate its AutoRamp option where the pressure starts easy and then set the timer to adjust to the prescribed pressure. You have to read the manual carefully since the program for applying fixed pressure can be quite tricky to set up. Though some users claimed that the AirMini App can be used without any difficulty. It has 27dBa of noise, which makes it a good option for those who want quiet machines.
It has a durable power cord and a high-quality portable drawstring bag, which makes it very easy to store during travel This is definitely the perfect CPAP machine for travelers who want a compact but efficient device that they can carry wherever they go. But great technology and portability comes with a price and the ResMed AirMini can be more costly compared to other devices.
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Best Value:

Apex XT Fit

Most of the travel CPAP machines that you can find online today cost at least $350 to $400. Believe it or not, Apex XT is currently priced at less than $200 only. This is the best investment for users who wanted to have a good night sleep with spending too much. But don’t let the price of this affordable device fool you because it still offers amazing features and functions.
apex xt fit cpap machine
While it is more affordable compared to others, this machine is as efficient as those higher-end models. It is known for its auto-ramp option that allows users to go easy on pressure rate. Although there are some reports of noise complaints.
This model is also suited for flyers since it has an automatic altitude adjustment. You also won’t have to worry about compromising your mask’s seal since it has top quality leak compensation mechanism. It is a small and compact device that can easily fit into your palms.
The overall design does not look very appealing to some users. Nonetheless, it has outstanding manual controls and has pre-installed filters included. Apex XT Fit is perfect for users who prefer to fall asleep in low-pressure settings. It is user-friendly programming interface and bright LCD Screen. Lastly, it includes three years warranty coverage.
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Best Convenience:

Fisher and Paykel SleepStyle

Fisher and Paykel SleepStyle is a modern device that has a surprisingly easy-to-use interface. It is small and compact, thus, carrying it wherever you go shouldn’t be an issue. Aside from having user-friendly menus, Fisher and Paykel also have a stylish and attractive design.
fisher & paykel sleepstyle
This is the perfect device for people who wanted to ensure they get better sleep quality without having to worry about operating the device. Adjusting the settings is a lot more convenient since it has large and responsive buttons. It also comes with excellent built-in connectivity options. One of the few downsides though is that the Fisher and Paykel is one of the most expensive CPAP machines out there.
On the brighter side of things, the manufacturers made it easier for the users to access the water chamber. This is an incredible device that works perfectly without giving you a hard time figuring out its features and programs. But note that it has a shorter battery life compared to other devices.
Best Comfort:

DeVilbiss IntelliPAP Auto CPAP Machine

Users who are looking for an efficient and comfortable travel CPAP machine should check out DeVilbiss IntelliPAP. It has an incredible patented technology that provides outstanding treatment and maximum comfort. Connectivity is also one of its strengths as it helps you monitor your therapy with ease, wherever you may go.
devilbiss intellipap
You will also appreciate its ultra-quiet operation which only has 26.6 dBa. Large displays are also installed, including an auto-adjustment pressure. Aside from having SmartFlex technology and Pulsedose Rainout reduction therapy, this machine also has an installed clock with wake-up function. But DeVilbiss IntelliPAP can be quite complicated to use during initial setup, especially when adjusting the pressure and setting the wake-up function.
Many of its users claimed that this machine has durable power and battery. It has three years warranty and is widely approved for air travel. Although it is one of the more expensive devices out there, this is perfect for people who want to undergo sleep therapy with comfort and effectivity.
Best Reviewed:

Apex XT Auto CPAP Machine

Considered as one of the lightest CPAP devices in the market today, the Apex XT Auto CPAP machine is a remarkable travel option. It has advanced data recording system that is installed in a compact device that fits in the palm of your hand. It is small in size, it is loaded with many useful features.
apex xt auto
You will also benefit from its auto-adjusting technology and PVA pressure relief. You won’t have to worry about your mask’s seal since it has leak compensation. Its advanced data on the screen is also a cut above the rest. Since it is a very small device, you can’t expect highly-powered and long-lasting battery life.
The Apex XT Auto CPAP Machine is known for its auto altitude adjustment. If you are one of those busy travellers, this machine is the perfect option for you. Although it is lighter compared to other devices, it is packed with big advanced technological features. But because of its advanced features and great motors, some users might find this device a little bit noisy.
Best Reviewed:

ResMed AirCurve with HumidAir

If you are looking a machine that can provide outstanding BiLevel treatment, then the ResMed AirCurve is the best option for you. It has an excellent function that provides automatic adjustments on pressure for inhalation and for exhalation. You will also find its self-adjusting humidification level, which is based on the temperature of your room, more convenient. You have to dedicate some extra time though to read the manual in order to maximize its features.
resmed aircurve
It has an AutoSet algorithm and has built in HumidAir humidifier. You will also not regret its Vsync Leak Management system and TiControl feature. It has one of the best light sensors and advanced data out there. It is also small and compact in size, which makes it perfect for frequent travelers.
The ResMed AirCurve is one of the most advanced CPAP devices out there. Because it is loaded with incredible features, this device is much more expensive than the others. It features an excellent LCD display which allows you to modify the current settings such as mask type, ramp time, leak alert, SmartStart, humidity level, and even run warmup.


Despite having sleep apnea, experiencing sweet dreams on your vacation is now possible if you are successful in finding the best travel CPAP machines. Find the one that can give you a healthy good night sleep without ruining your travel. Sleep therapy treatment is vital to your health if you have sleep apnea, and you have to make sure that you use the right devices.
Before you purchase any machine, it is necessary that you consider several factors. Conducting online research ensures that you get to buy the best machine that is perfectly suited for your needs. Asking for tips and advice from friends or families who have bought high-quality travel CPAP machines is also a very good idea.
If you are one of those people who spend the good part of their lives on the road, then buying a specially-designed CPAP machine that works for you is indeed necessary. Regardless of whether you are going out for a business vacation, or to see your family, the best travel CPAP machines out there can help you avoid health risks by giving you an excellent nightly quality rest that you truly deserve.
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