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DreamStation CPAP with Humidifier Review

The DreamStation CPAP machine is considered as a remarkable, highly responsive device. It includes a top quality humidifier and has several useful features that effectively improves your sleeping pattern. This device is also known for its great added comfort which gives the user quality sleep therapy experience.

The Bad

Its noise level can go up to 30 decibels, which means that it is not as quiet as other CPAP machines. You can also find devices that are more affordable than this one.

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The Bottomline

If you are looking for a lightweight, comfortable, and reliable device that you can bring with you as you travel, the DreamStation CPAP machine is one great option. Although it is more expensive than other devices, with its features and technology installed, it is definitely worth it.

There are multitudes of CPAP devices that you can find in the market today. Every device has its own unique design and feature, and different individuals dealing with sleep apnea disorder have different needs.

The DreamStation CPAP with Humidifier is an ideal device for frequent travelers who are suffering from sleep apnea. You can depend on its automated algorithms and advanced event detection. It is a highly responsive device that easily responds to different user therapy needs.

Aside from having automated features, this device is also accurate when it comes to tracking your sleep pattern. With its Daily Progress Feedback summary, keeping track of your nightly and weekly progress becomes a lot easier and more convenient. Plus, its display includes hours of usage, as well as a summary of your month-long sleep therapy. And even though this device is smaller and more compact compared to other CPAP machines, it is undoubtedly powerful and has great battery life.

Top-Level Components

The DreamStation CPAP machine is one of those top quality devices that has an automated algorithm that saves you time from frequently adjusting. It has intelligent algorithms that provide healthy and accurate adjustment of settings. It also has SmartRamp which smartly recognizes any increase or change in pressure – this is an excellent feature that results in safe therapy during ramp time.

The device is also known for its great quality humidifiers that effectively moisturizes the air. Since its humidifiers add moisture to the airflow, irritation and dryness are significantly reduced. Now you can sleep soundly at night knowing you won’t get any health issues that come along with using CPAP machines.

Users will also appreciate its filtration system since it is tray-styled, which means that you can easily slide the filters into the port without any difficulty. Its filters are washable and thus reusable. The device comes with its signature darker blue filter installed and you can also purchase the light blue disposable filters which you can add and uninstall anytime you want.

Valuable Add-Ons

Aside from getting a top quality heated humidifier, you will also get a standard 6-foot tubing, 80W power supply, well-made filters, high-quality power cord, and a well-made travel bag. The tubing connections of this device are also durable and are made out of excellent quality materials.

It is an incredible device that offers matchless comfort to its users. Operating the device should not give you any headache – thanks to its user-friendly manual. Additionally, you can find 2 highly-responsive buttons on top of the device and a crisp LCD display screen that gives you clear details about the settings.

All important details of your progress and the condition of the device are all shown on its bright LCD display screen. This device can connect through Bluetooth and is both cellular and WiFi compatible. Connecting the device to your smart devices is pretty straightforward. It also has an amazing DreamMapper App that is very easy to navigate and use. The app is available for all kinds of modern mobile devices, and it gives you alerts and triggers to make sure you’re always on the right track.

But I just wish...

As mentioned earlier, the DreamStation CPAP is not as quiet as other devices. This has to do with its motors and heated humidifiers. Some users claimed that the vibration generated by the machine can cause sleep interruption.

Patients who are searching for a more affordable sleep therapy device might find the price point of DreamStation slightly higher than other CPAP devices – it is currently priced at $638. Remember that when buying therapy devices for sleep apnea, it is important that you consider both the price and the quality.

The overall look for this device might not be that appealing for several users as well. But even though it is a simple-looking device, you can still expect numerous advanced useful features. Don’t be deceived by its simplicity, the DreamStation CPAP device has received myriads of positive reviews and high ratings from people who are using it.