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man sleeping after using a bipap machine

What is a BiPAP Machine?

If you suffer from sleep apnea or another breathing disorder, your doctor may have recommended a bilevel positive airway pressure machine, or BiPAP. It’s a

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5 Elderly Patient Care Tips

The very nature of aging means that our loved ones may struggle with declining health and cognitive abilities, making it difficult for them to manage

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suffering with night sweats

How To Stop Night Sweats

What Are Night Sweats?   If you’re one of the many people who suffers from night sweats (excessive sweating at night), you might be wondering

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respify cpap cleaner

Respify CPAP Cleaner Review

CPAP machines work wonders for people with obstructive sleep apnea. It can help you get some much-needed rest while it maintains your airway. The trade-off

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cpap and aromatherapy

What Is CPAP Aromatherapy?

Humans have used essential oils for thousands of years to prevent and treat illnesses (1). Some even claim that “Thieves’ Oil” prevented a group of people

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are cpap cleaners safe

Are CPAP Cleaners Safe?

If you?re a CPAP user, you know it can be challenging to keep up a regular cleaning schedule for your CPAP device and accessories. Un-cleaned

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