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Do You Know Why a Doctor Would Consider Locum Tenens?

The older generations of doctors probably know little about locum tenens. It is not surprising because most of them grew up in an environment where everyone wants a stable, permanent job. They spent several years to finally become a doctor, and not to mention getting a medical degree can be expensive, too. A stable job ensures a regular salary, and promotions and other professional achievements can mean higher pay.

The recent generations, on the other hand, have varied views about their careers and their lives. They are less likely to remain employed in one facility. Most of them want to have a better work-life balance instead of working harder to get a promotion or security of tenure. They want to travel, discover new things, and meet new people.

Locum tenens is becoming a preferred option. Also, with the increasing demand for more healthcare providers, the locum tenens industry is thriving. If you think it’s the right job for you, consider getting a temporary position working with a staffing agency. If you prefer a new career option, you can find locum tenens jobs at www.mascmedical.com.


Why would you consider locum tenens?

Physicians may give various professional and personal reasons for switching to another facility. However, there are similar motives why a physician may consider locum tenens, some of which are listed below.


Curing their burnout

It is a given that physicians in clinics and other healthcare facilities tend to work long hours. As their positions vary, many doctors suffer from burnout. This does not mean they are thinking of changing their careers. Rather, what they want is a change in the work environment. With a locum tenens job, they can work in a new facility in different cities or states, which offer a new environment that can make them feel invigorated.


Opportunity to test drive a new job

A temporary assignment, which can last for a few weeks or months, can help a doctor determine if a new location or facility suits them. It can be a reason to consider working for a new facility permanently. Locum assignments also fit recent graduates who are still undecided where they want to start practicing their profession.


More time to spend with family

Locums can choose where they want to work and for how long. A locum assignment in a location of their choice will give them more time to be with their family. Many locums also enjoy their temporary positions because they do not have to worry about additional paperwork, department meetings, or staffing decisions.


Additional income

Typically, a locum tenens job pays more. Another advantage is that a doctor can choose to work on weekends or use their vacation time to accept locum jobs. The options give them the additional income to pay off their student loans or add to their savings.


Improve their skills

Locum assignments can help doctors learn new procedures not available in their present job. They expose physicians to various practice settings, treatments, and procedures.

For the motivations discussed above, you can see why locum tenens is a good option. It gives them opportunities to earn more while reviving their passion for their profession.

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