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Essential Tips – How to Clean a CPAP Machine

how to clean a cpap machine

Just like any other important devices that you have inside your home, you are encouraged to clean your CPAP machine regularly. Bear in mind that CPAP machines will degrade over time and if you fail to maintain it properly, it’ll deteriorate even faster.

It is necessary to clean your CPAP machines thoroughly and consistently since they can be a breeding ground for germs and specks of dust. Eliminating the bacteria inside the tubing and humidification chamber is critical if you want to experience better quality treatment. Always remember that a clean machine offers a lot of health benefits which can significantly improve your sleep therapy.

Consistent care and cleaning of your device maintain peak functionality. Believe it or not, a properly maintained device can last for about 5 years! The more you regularly clean your device, the longer it should last. Extending its lifespan helps you save a lot of time and money from purchasing new devices. And the good news is, knowing how to clean a CPAP machine is easy.

Here’s how to clean a CPAP machine:

Read the Manual

Collecting more information about your device before cleaning it is a smart thing to do. Get the manual and read what the manufacturer says when it comes to cleaning and maintaining the device. By reading the manual, you should be able to read instructions such as replacing the disposable filters every 3 to 6 months and not submerging the machine in water. Find out whether or not your device has a humidification chamber and if it necessary for you to replace the water on a daily basis.

Wash Your Hands

Washing your hands before cleaning the device is essential. It is important to know that our hands are a carrier of germs, dust, and bacteria that can contaminate our machine. Vigorously washing your hands with antibacterial soap and water should prevent machine contamination while cleaning it. Make sure that there are no bacteria lurking in your hands as you interact with the device.

Use the Best Cleaner

You can find many kinds of cleaners on the market today but you have to know that not all of them are perfect for cleaning your CPAP machine. When using a the best cpap cleaners, you have to make sure that it is fragrance-free, non-lotion, and dye-free. If you are using soap or dishwashing detergent on the device, then make sure that it is mild and does not contain strong chemicals or ingredients. The top cpap cleaners out there are those that have combined actions of disinfectant and germicide.

Wash and Dry Properly

Always follow the instructions indicated in the manual before you proceed in cleaning up your device. Check how you should wash and rinse your device. Most machines today can be rinsed with running tap water for at least 2 to 3 minutes. After washing the device, make sure that you wipe and dry it correctly. It is advisable that you air dry your device away from the sunlight. You will then have to cover it with a clean towel and let it dry until it is ready for reassembly. Learning how to clean a CPAP machine should be very easy if you follow these guidelines.

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