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Sleep Deprivation: Causes and Treatment

Sleep deprivation may not be a disease, but it can lead to various health problems. Adults need to have at least an average of 7 to 8 hours of sleep. Sleep deprivation could mean having difficulties sleeping or being easily disrupted from sleep. You may experience mood swings, irritability, fatigue, lack of focus, and lower libido due to it. As mentioned, it could lead to other health problems, including the following:

  • Weaker immune system. According to studies, lack of sleep can lower your immune system, making you prone to sickness. It also slows down the healing process.
  • Stress. Lack of sleep produces stress hormones, and stress can also lead to other more serious health issues.
  • Poor memory. Not having enough sleep could affect your cognitive skills. Besides having difficulties focusing, your memory could also be affected. Having poor memory could affect your work or studies.
  • Cardiovascular problems. When you sleep, the heart vessels recuperate. Plus, it also helps improve sugar levels and blood pressure and control inflammation. You miss all those when you are sleep-deprived, and it also puts you at risk of heart problems.
  • Weight gain. When you lack sleep, you will quickly feel hungry, and your insulin level could spike. It also increases your fat storage, making it easier to gain unwanted pounds. Being overweight or obese gives you a higher risk of developing diabetes and other cardiovascular issues.

There are various ways how to treat sleep deprivation. See which will work best for you. You may combine the different methods to find the right approach.


Some medications can help you get proper sleep, including doxylamine and diphenhydramine. It’s recommended to consult with your doctor to get the proper prescriptions. Follow the dosage and frequency instructions to ensure its effectiveness and avoid developing dependency.

Alternative products

There are also alternative products that you can use that could potentially help manage sleep deprivation. Some of them are CBD oil and Turmeric Latte from One Farm. CBD oil, it?s claimed, could help you feel more relaxed and alleviate stress, which could help you go to sleep easier. The same goes with a turmeric latte. It’s also known as golden milk, a traditional milk in India. It’s known to have potential sleep-inducing ingredients to help you have a nice sleep.


Psychological and emotional problems may also cause sleep deprivation. A therapist can help determine the cause and help manage it. Besides consulting a psychologist or mental health practitioner, other therapy alternatives could help you get proper sleep. Some of them are acupressure, acupuncture, meditation, tai chi, massage, and yoga.

Lifestyle changes

Having a healthy lifestyle can also help improve your sleep patterns. Eat healthy foods and get regular exercise. Avoid toxic substances, such as alcohol and drugs, as they can also affect your sleep, especially when their effects go down, and you enter the withdrawal phase.

Sleep deprivation is treatable. As explained by the website mindbodygreen.com there are many ways to help improve your sleep, such as getting help from a professional and make necessary changes to improve your sleep cycle. It will also improve your life quality in general.

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