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Uncover the Latest News About Americans Prefer Energy Over Sex or Sleep, 7 Companies Debut in Las Vegas SSA Sleep Pavilion, Connection of Lower Back Pain and Insomnia

In today?s news, we will look into the recent survey that shows Americans prefer more energy over more sex or sleep. Meanwhile, seven companies will be making their debut at the SSA Sleep Pavilion in Las Vegas, while 14 veteran companies will bring innovative sleep products to buyers visiting the Specialty Sleep Association’s bustling showroom. Also, researchers examined the connection between lower back discomfort and several sleep disorders, including insomnia, short sleep length, long sleep duration, and daytime sleepiness.

One in Two Americans Prefer Energy Over Sex or Sleep, According to New Survey

Original Source: New Study Finds One in Two Americans Would Choose More Energy Over More Sex or Sleep

1440 Foods, a sports and active nutrition brand that energizes people and unleashes their potential, released a study today indicating that Americans want more energy in the new year, not diet and fitness. 51% of respondents preferred more energy over more sleep or sex.

InnovateMR and 1440 Foods surveyed 1,500 nationally representative men and women aged 18-54 on their new year’s resolutions, diets, and exercise regimens.

Poor diet may explain America’s fatigue. Survey results:

  • 6 in 10 Americans skip breakfast on hectic day
  • Less than half (46%) sit down for a meal at least twice a day
  • 62% want to eat less sugar
  • 49% want more protein
  • 44% want more nutrient-dense foods
  • 31% want more plant-based foods

“Proper nutrition affects everything from energy levels and cognitive function to mental and physical health,” stated 1440 Foods Manager, Regulatory & Nutrition Scientific Affairs Joe Stanzione, PhD, RD, CSSD.

“Skipping meals and over-consuming sugary, low-nutrient foods are surefire ways to zap your energy and leave you feeling sluggish and tired, so it’s encouraging to see the majority of Americans focused on improving their diet in the New Year.”

People are prioritizing fitness in the new year?not just to shed weight. Weight loss (29%) and mental wellness (28%) were nearly identical, followed by muscle gain (22%). In 2023, cardio (38%) and strength training (32%) topped fitness priorities.

Stanzione advised using high-quality pre- and post-workout products to maximize workouts without exhausting energy. “A pre-workout drink in the morning or before the gym can enhance stamina and performance, and protein-packed snacks and shakes are an easy and convenient way to recover.”

According to a survey, more than one-third of Americans use pre-workout, post-workout, and meal replacement products.

  • 40% of responders substitute a sit-down meal with a protein bar, shake, or snack.
  • 33% utilize pre-workout products.
  • 38% of responders take post-workout protein powder to recover.

Stanzione added, “We’re busier than ever, but we shouldn’t let skipped meals and fast food ruin our health and wellbeing goals.” “In 2023, Americans have easy access to high-quality, cost-effective protein bars, smoothies, and nutritional goods to fuel a healthy lifestyle and stay rejuvenated.”

Seven Businesses Are Making Their Las Vegas Debuts in the SSA Sleep Pavilion

Original source: 7 Companies Will Make Their Las Vegas Debut in the SSA Sleep Pavilion

4 companies return after a vacation from Las Vegas, and 14 experienced companies will showcase novel sleep goods to buyers at the Specialty Sleep Association’s crowded showroom (C1565).

The Specialty Sleep Association’s Sleep Pavilion on the 15th floor of C Building in Las Vegas constantly has sleep industry news. Sleep product buyers must visit the colorful SSA Sleep Pavilion to see new and established manufacturers’ innovative sleep solutions. ?We have some incredibly intriguing new brands showing this market?don’t miss these guys! Buyers can win $50 when their badge is scanned at the door. “If you sell sleep, we want you in our showroom,” says SSA Executive Director Tambra Jones.

Las Vegas debut

Bob the Pillow was meant to be a more adaptable leg pillow than others. Extensive studies failed to uncover a leg cushion that relieved hip, knee, and back discomfort, provided comfort, and encouraged side sleeping. Everything on the market required a set leg position, straps, airflow, or uneven full-leg support. Bob the Pillow was created to improve sleep.

Boccuzzi Home, a luxury Italian manufacturer in 19 countries since 1979, sells in the US. Boccuzzi Home offers a full line of 100% natural cotton, non-slip mattress covers, protectors, and pillow protectors. Boccuzzi has pioneered sustainable cotton products by providing exceptional comfort and protection with 100% natural Italian cotton. As demand for all-natural products grows tremendously, Boccuzzi Home’s mattress coverings and protectors are particularly positioned for USA success due to their natural purity, which is important to the premium market.

Boccuzzi Home hopes to revolutionize the category with luxurious details and eye-catching packaging. Harry Goodman, who is leading the US launch, said, ?Boccuzzi products are of the highest quality, integrity, and authenticity, and with such timeless, deep-rooted Italian sensibilities, we are confident this launch into the US market will deliver devoted customers and success for the brand and our partners.?

HealthGuard has led hypoallergenic mattress protection in Canada since 1991. Their products preserve your health by improving your sleeping environment and comfort. They manufacture most of their items in Canada, use recyclable packaging, and compress them to suit smaller packages.

HealthGuard is delighted to unveil their new Cool Ice and Active Charcoal products at the Las Vegas Market in 2023. They will display all their mattress protectors, encasements, pillows, and sheets and invite you to visit.

Modrn Motion will premiere its new patent-pending adjustable base & smart headboard range at the Vegas market, packaged for tiny parcel shipping and optimized for online and in-store sales.

Sanders Collection, providing inexpensive bedding solutions for 40 years, is happy to introduce their newest budget luxury top of bed/bottom of bed goods. Sleeptone. Sleeptone’s innovative products include 6-piece sheet sets with duvet covers, cooling pillows for all sleepers, down and alternative down comforters, five-sided and cooling protectors, and adjustable bed bases. Each product is high-quality and inexpensive at a mid-tier price range, making it competitive in today’s market. The Sanders Collection includes the Phoenix iSelect mattress. They filled a gap in adjustable comfort mattresses. Until now, a mattress that let you customize your side of the bed cost $3000+. Phoenix iSelect mattresses attract a wider audience seeking an affordable adjustable comfort mattress with a quality finish. 9/10 couples disagree on mattresses. Flip to select. Mattress firmness on your side. Unzip and flip for optimal comfort.

Blacksburg, South Carolina-based Somnus Mattress International began manufacturing customized mattresses in 2021. Bonnel spring, pocket spring, and foam mattresses will be available.

Vesgantti, an Italian company launched in 2014 in the UK, makes affordable mattresses for everyone. Vesgantti, a trusted UK mattress brand, thrives on comfort, quality, affordability, and sustainability. BestReviews.guide and Medium named Vesgantti the Best Queen Size Mattress. CertiPUR-US? certifies all mattresses. Vesgantti offers hassle-free returns, a 100-night risk-free trial, and a 10-year warranty. Bulk buying and drop shipping are available. US, Canada, UK, EU, and Asian warehouses deliver quickly.

These firms returned to Market in the SSA Sleep Pavilion.

Blue Ridge Home Fashions sells all kinds of natural-filled and down-alternative pillows, comforters, and mattress toppers. Serta, Beautyrest, Martha Stewart, Kathy Ireland Home, and Farm To Home license them. They’ll also launch 37.5 Technology items (thirtysevenfive.com). 37.5 Technology delays liquid sweat, speeds drying, reduces odor, and makes sleeping more pleasant.

Baltica Natural Products introduces the Arcusbeds Organic Classic, a limited-edition luxury European mattress. It uses top-quality certified organic and natural materials and craftsmanship to be honest, safe, and durable. Natural cotton calico covers the pocket coils. Its orthopedic surgeon-designed, multi-layered, multi-zoned design delivers comfort, lumbar support, and durability. Organic Classic is dual-sided with two comfort levels for firmer sleepers. Our unbleached, organic cotton herringbone ticking fulfills US flammability standards without flame retardants. Every purchase comes with quality, safety, and organic/natural certificates.

Since 1963, Beaudoin has made metal bed frames, platforms, and mattress supports in Canada. Beaudoin clients want simple, sturdy items from a flexible and trusted North American manufacturer. Their winter market focus is platforms. Design and branding possibilities, US warehousing, and manufacturing capabilities make it a market must-see!

And at January Market, the veterans are “bringing it.”

Medical-grade, anti-microbial bed covers with woven pure silver allow clients of The Anti Aging Bed to sleep cleaner and younger. This unique protection regulates digital signals entering your body while sleeping. It neutralizes these damaging electronics signals overnight so you wake up balanced, bright, and ready to face the day. The set includes the Anti Aging Bed Cover, Zippered Liner, Grounding Plug, Carrying Case, and Printed Instructions. Some nations need grounded adapters.

Cariloha‘s sustainable mattress and sleep innovations combine luxury and comfort with sustainable, carbon-neutral materials to let you sleep like on vacation every day.

Electropedic will launch a pillow for sleep, health, and well-being. Cut and Sewn Curved Side Sleep Bed Pillows enhance sleep. Machine-washable, silky pillow cover.

I Love Pillow has this unique Cool Fit brand. Cool Fit blends performance with athleisure. Ergo support memory foam pillows use the most modern performance fabric. Their cooling, moisture-wicking, stretch-fit TRI Fit Fabric is ideal. A lifestyle product in multiple colors and sizes, including youth.

W.Silver Products sells adjustable beds, high-rise platform bases, and frames.

TFS Natural Home by The Futon Shop is offering the most beautiful furnishings ever this winter. TFS will add the Oslo sofa to its large sofa range. The solid Alder frame and bottom molding of this mid-century modern organic sofa are petrochemical-free. Yoga is another TFS collection. Four washable fabrics?aloe vera, copper infused, bamboo, and organic cotton?cover this set of breathing pillows, stretching mats, and more. The yoga props contain Oeko-Tex-certified horsetail, natural wool, and chemical-free buckwheat hulls. TFS added three new fabric colors and a personalized option to their popular Modern eco sofabed. The ecosofa bed saves space and is sustainable. Our Winter Furniture Market will inspire you!

Eurolux, LLC will display “Attainable Luxury” mattresses. Their Harmony and Multisens Elite Collection is a wonderful blend of Italian, German, Swiss, and Spanish materials and craftsmanship. One of Europe’s most luxurious mattresses has Italian ticking and foams, German pocketed micro-coils and coils, Swiss thermoregulating technology, and Swiss aromatherapy. The Novis Artisanal Collection’s natural Talalay latex, mohair, silk, and pocketed coils make for a sensual experience. The Eurolux Premium and Lux Silver Naturalia Collection, 100% Oeko-Tex Certified, offers customizable firmness per side, Winter/Summer topper options, advanced bedbug, dust mite, and antiviral treatment, and the most advanced SoyBased memory foam in the market.

Cannabeds will display their Hemp blend mattress and pillow covers. Hemp is a miraculous fabric that is naturally hypoallergenic, bed insect resistant, regulates temperature to keep you cool and dry, has antibacterial characteristics, is healthier for the environment than cotton or man-made materials, stronger and softer than cotton, and more. It retails for $699?$1499. Cannabeds ships directly to consumers in Canada and the U.S. Cannabeds’ hemp pillow has a changeable hemp cover and a chipped gel memory foam combination to mold to any sleeper’s preferences.

How are lower back pain and insomnia related?

Original source: How are poor sleep and lower back pain related?

All ages have lower back pain. According to the 2015 Global Burden of Disease Study, 7.3% of the global population?540 million people?experience activity-limiting lower back pain, which is the biggest cause of disability worldwide.

Lifestyle factors increase lower back pain risk. Smoking, obesity, physical labor, and inactivity are examples.

Most lower back pain causes cannot be identified. Cancer, vertebral fractures, infections, and inflammatory disorders can cause lower back pain in rare circumstances.

Backache and sleep

Several studies have linked lower back discomfort to poor sleep quality.

Lower back discomfort and short sleep duration and quality were linked in a 9,611-person cross-sectional study.

Another study examined sleep quality and pain intensity in 80 lower back pain patients. Poor sleep was followed by increased pain severity.

In lower back pain patients, increased pain intensity was related with lower sleep quality the next night, suggesting a bidirectional association between sleep quality and pain intensity.

Poor sleep quality is frequent in lower back pain patients, but the cause is unknown.

Zhejiang University School of Medicine researchers examined the link between sleep disruptions and lower back discomfort. Frontiers in Neuroscience publishes them.

Sleep disturbance research

A genome-wide association study (GWAS) scans the genetic material of many people to find traits-associated genes.

Dr. Ge Luo and colleagues collected self-reported data and genetic information from 336,965 European GWAS participants. The GWAS used genetic and health data from half a million UK residents from the UK Biobank.

To determine if sleep disorders cause lower back pain, the researchers selected GWAS cohort members having genetic variations related with the following sleep disturbances:

  • insomnia
  • short sleep duration
  • long sleep duration
  • daytime sleepiness.

Mendelian randomization analysis was performed to determine the causal relationship between sleep disruptions and lower back pain.

These statistical analysis showed that insomnia can cause lower back pain and vice versa.

They also discovered no link between genetic tendency to short or lengthy sleep duration and lower back pain.

Finally, a genetic propensity to lower back discomfort increased daytime sleepiness, but there was no reverse causal association.

Study implications

Analgesics currently treat lower back pain. Sleep regulators may treat lower back pain if insomnia causes it.

Dr. Jie Sun, a pain physician at Peking University who has studied the bidirectional relationships between sleep disorders and pain and was not involved in the current study, told MNT that certainty regarding the effectiveness of existing interventions for lower back pain is low to moderate, and novel treatments are “desperately required” for patients with both sleep disturbances and lower back pain.

Dr. Sun said ?[u]nderstanding the underlying mechanisms of how sleep disturbance interplays with chronic pain is likely to lead to better-directed treatment.?

?Dr. Luo’s research implied a possible causal relationship [between] insomnia [and] low back pain, which is consistent with the [m]eta-analysis of longitudinal studies’ findings that a decline in sleep quality and quantity was associated with a two- or three-fold increase in the risk of developing pain condition,? Dr. Sun told us.

?Considering the possible causal association between insomnia and low back pain, disrupting the sleep or associated pathway might be an optional strategy to suppress the pain.? Dr. Jie Sun

Study limits and next steps

The publication noted the study’s shortcomings. First, this study comprised European participants, so the results may not apply to other ethnic groups.

They highlighted that pleiotropy?when one gene influences two or more traits?may affect the results. The study also excluded some sleep problems, according to the scientists.

Finally, since gender affects lower back pain risk, they advised gender segmentation for subgroup calculations.

?[T]he authors do not even define how they measured low back pain,? Prof. Christopher G. Maher, professor at the Sydney School of Public Health, University of Sydney, told MNT.

Dr. Sun believes ?the [huge number] of genetic instances and strictness of the statistical analysis make the conclusion stringent.?

“[M]endelian randomization has some methodology limitations in testifying causal links,” she said. Larger independent longitudinal design samples are needed to validate and explore the results.

Summary of today?s sleep health news

To sum it up, the survey, done by InnovateMR and 1440 Foods, explored the association between new year’s resolutions, diet, and activity in a nationally representative sample of 1,500 men and women aged 18-54. Both men (46%) and women (56%) stated they’d rather have more energy than sex or sleep. 62% of Americans want to eat less sugar, 49% more protein, and 46% less calories. Cardio (38%) and strength training (32%) are Americans’ main fitness priorities.

Furthermore, four firms are back from Las Vegas after a break, and 14 seasoned companies will exhibit their cutting-edge sleep goods in the bustling showroom of the Specialty Sleep Association. You can always check out what’s new in the sleep industry at the Specialty Sleep Association’s Sleep Pavilion, which is located on the 15th floor of the C Building in Las Vegas. The lively SSA Sleep Pavilion is a must-see for buyers of sleep products, whether it be from startups or established manufacturers showcasing their cutting-edge sleep solutions.

Lastly, to determine the cause-and-effect relationship between sleep disorders and lower back pain, researchers from Zhejiang University School of Medicine carried out a study. Frontiers in Neuroscience publishes their findings. Based on the research, it appears that lower back discomfort and insomnia may both contribute to one another. More research with bigger samples is required to substantiate this claim.

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