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cpap battery
If you’re in a hurry buy your cpap batteries here: We have gone on and on about the life-changing benefits of CPAP machines for people diagnosed with sleep apnea. The CPAP device curtails the problem at hand and, at the same time, controls the comorbidities that come along with it. These include diabetes, stroke, heart failure, obesity, loss of cognitive skills, and even cancer.All in all, it seems like a great deal at the price of just one CPAP device. It keeps the sleep apnea and the comorbidities at bay ensure that you have a good night’s sleep and wake up well-rested.
The CPAP machine is a compact device with a mask that fits your nose and mouth, a hose that connects the mask to the main part of the machine with a motor to pump continuous air at a specific pressure. Maintaining airflow at the particular pressure is very important as any change or pause can cause the airways inside the body to collapse, leading to a respiratory pause.Depending on the time period and intensity of this pause, the metabolism of the body is impacted. The oxygen flow to the brain and other visceral organs is decreased or can even be stopped. Breathing not only provides oxygen to the cells but also removes metabolic wastes like carbon dioxide. It is clear from the mechanics mentioned above that any change in the airflow from the CPAP machine can be impaired the breathing process and possibly be life-threatening.

Why would you need CPAP batteries?

The CPAP machine is fueled by power and needs to be plugged in when it’s working if any change in the power supply or fluctuation in the voltage can lead to a change in the airway pressure. But what if there is a power outage. What if something worse happens and the area you live in lies in the path of a storm or blizzards that are powerful enough to knock the power lines down. True, that these occurrences are rare. But when it is a question of your health, make sure that you are prepared for every worst-case scenario.If you are yet to decide on investing in a CPAP battery, you need to know what happens when the power supply to your CPAP machine is disrupted. In case of a power outage, the CPAP machine shuts down. It may cause you to wake up as your peaceful slumber is impeded. In case you do not wakeup, you can continue to sleep with the mask on. The masks are designed with an anti-asphyxia valve that automatically opens up to let you breathe in the room air.In order to treat sleep apnea and to ensure that the condition does not worsen, regular treatment is required. The CPAP machine therapy is part of the treatment. A sudden pause in the treatment means that the advancements made before are negated. In case power outages are not resolved quickly and last longer than a few days, it may lead to complications in apnea conditions. And if you go by the recommendations of doctors and general physicians, they will always tell you never to skip a night’s therapy.Apart from a power outage situation, your device will be rendered useless in areas with no power supply. This could be when you are traveling by car, camping in the wild, or stuck in a plane seat with no power sockets. There may exist a myriad of such situations where you are stuck without a power supply for your CPAP machine. But the solution is only one.

Can CPAP machines run on batteries?

The solution to this problem can be found by investing in a CPAP battery. When there is a power outage, you would have to connect your device to a battery source manually. CPAP machines cannot be simultaneously plugged into the power socket and connected to the battery. So the shift from one to the other has to be done manually. Some CPAP machines come along with their specific add on batteries, and then there are others that can work along with any external batteries bought separately.

In case you have already bought your CPAP and are now looking for a battery, ensure that you have checked well with your CPAP provider. They will instruct you about the type of battery that would go well with the CPAP machine. The recent models of CPAP machine and batteries come in sleek designs and are smaller for the ease of carrying on the go.

Buying a new battery also involves a certain level of planning, as you have to make sure that the machine goes along with it. Some batteries also come with an AC/ DC adaptor that you can even take along to foreign countries. It will require at least 5 hours of charging and will run for 13 hours under the right conditions.

Does insurance cover CPAP battery?

Unfortunately, most health insurance plans do not cover CPAP batteries because they consider it a luxury rather than a necessity. The same is the case with many other CPAP products like masks, liners, creams, CPAP power chords, battery pack, and travel machines. And this is true; one can do without CPAP batteries as they are not totally a necessity. But we have already asserted in the above parts of the article how useful and an absolute necessity for a battery can be for people with certain lifestyles.

We do recommend that you still enquire about your insurance provider about the nitty-gritties of CPAP decide and ask for their suggestions. Either way, if you regularly travel for business purposes or personal interest, it is recommended to invest in a suitable battery for CPAP.

best cpap battery

What is the best CPAP battery?

The first advice we would like to give you is that you must heavily research your existing CPAP machine and your specific requirement for the battery. Please do not shy away from making a few calls to the CPAP seller or even take a trip to your general physician to get their word about it.

There exist a variety of batteries like deep cycle ones, with Lithium-ion, those that fit for flight use, and some that come with a solar charger. The key to making the decision is knowing precisely what you need and matching it with the specifications of the battery for your CPAP.

Moving on, here are the best CPAP machine batteries that have the best reviews and are also recommended by physicians.

BPS Freedom CPAP Travel Battery– can be found online within $330-$250, is portable, and has a sleek design along with a digital display. The battery is lithium-ion based and is compatible with popular CPAP.

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Medistrom Pilot-24 Lite- can work through all night long, can be used in flight, can charge handheld devices, and has a built-in flashlight. 

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Philips Respironics Respironics Travel Battery Kit- suitable for taking along flights, has a sleek design, and comes along with a travel case. The best part is it comes with a long battery expectancy. 

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DreamStation Go Overnight Battery- FAA approved for use in flight use, lightweight and portable design, charges entirely in 5 hours and can be used as a battery backup through the USB port. 

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Z2 PowerShell Extended Battery- portable design suitable for off-road needs, lithium-ion battery, and quick charge facility. 

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ResMed Power Station II Battery Kit- has a lithium-ion battery, charges quickly, reaches95% charge within four hours, visual and audible charge alerts. 

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Portable Outlet Universal CPAP Battery- full one night of sleep even with humidification, easy to operate, has USB charging ports and is compatible with a wide range of CPAP, APAP, and BiPAP machines. 

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Maintaining CPAP machine battery life over time

You are making a considerable amount of investment for your CPAP machine and it’s battery, so it would do well to keep in mind how to maintain it. The most significant issue with chargeable battery is that they tend to get discharged faster as they become older. Even though each device comes with its expiry date, taking these steps to maintain your battery will help elongate this expiry date.

The way is to ensure that you charge the battery completely before using it. In order to get longer run times on a fully charged battery, forego humidification. Also, avoid charging your battery on the inverter as it would harm both the devices.

Lastly, keep the battery, device, and the power adapter clean at all times. Always carry the battery pack in its specific carrier separate from perishable items and eatables when traveling. The battery pack will not only keep it clean but will also save it from any fall or bumps.

These small tips will go a long way and increase your battery life. Use your CPAP backup battery and the machine with care and enjoy sound sleep anywhere and everywhere.




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