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CPAP Nightstand

cpap nightstand

Are you suffering from sleep apnea? Well, fear not! Nowadays, CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure therapy) therapy helps you get your much-needed REM sleep! However, with hefty equipment comes the issue of storing them. This is where a CPAP bedside table or nightstand comes into play.

First of all, what is a CPAP nightstand? Well, it is a piece of furniture designed specifically to provide safe access to a CPAP device or CPAP sanitizer. After all, a CPAP machine is an essential tool for a person with sleep apnea.

There is a wide variety of CPAP nightstands. They range from regular chest drawers to equipment almost half their sizes. The types depend on personal choices and individual requirements.

There is a lot of varieties when it comes to this furniture. It is fair to say that a CPAP machine can be a piece of challenging equipment to store. That is why there is specific furniture built only for the storage of Continuous Positive Airway Pressure machines. This furniture can only be regarded as a nightstand for CPAP machines. These nightstands are only used in the sense of bedside CPAP tables. Thus, not only do they help in beating out sleep apnea but also to keep the device in the right place.

Some of them are:


  1. Mahogany CPAP Nightstand with Moisture Resistant Surfaces
  2. Solid Black CPAP Nightstand with Moisture Resistant Surfaces
  3. Home Styles 5180-42 Arts and Crafts Night Stand, Cottage Oak Finish
  4. Country Pine CPAP Nightstand with Moisture Resistant Surfaces
  5. Heritage Oak CPAP Nightstand with Moisture Resistant Surfaces

Most of the time, the furniture is designed in such a way that it conceals the CPAP equipment. The nightstands have access to both sides to accommodate the cords, power converters, and air hoses. The bedside CPAP table is attached with an adhesive hook to secure the mask when it is not used.

Most of the time, the CPAP bedside table has a fixed and sturdy shelf. There is also a roll-out plane to store other reservoirs and equipment controls.

Check out the best here:


Want to create a custom CPAP nightstand?

Although a CPAP machine is an essential device for people suffering from sleep apnea, they can be very cumbersome to maintain and use. They are also challenging to store. The problem is how bulky they can be. Most of the time, a CPAP machine consists of a mask and a tube connected to the device’s motor. The motor helps in supplying air through the tube. However, as much as they help deal with sleep apnea, they can become clutter if left unattended when they are not being used. A CPAP machine is a necessity for many people, even if they are incredibly inconvenient. That is why we have come up with some DIY ideas to make your CPAP nightstand.

Most CPAP nightstands have a door at the side to gain permits for the hose to come out of the table while the other equipment stays inside. It is truly a brilliant idea. However, the inconvenience surfaces when power is needed to run the machine. One needs to drill holes in their furniture to provide power.

There are other ingenious ways to avoid that. One of them is to follow the directions set by architects and designers, who help you with your nightstand’s blueprints. You can also use your old drawer with a little bit of customization. Using a bedside CPAP nightstand can satisfy a variety of purposes. For instance, you can use the in-drawer as a charging dock for your cellphones, tablets, and smartwatches. They can be charged at night while you use your CPAP device to get that much-needed sleep.


How to hide a CPAP machine in plain sight?

There are several ways to hide a CPAP machine in plain sight. Using a CPAP nightstand is a practical option. However, there are other options too.
  1. You can put a pop-up tray under your bed. Roll it out when you want to access the equipment. Once done, you can roll it back under the bed.
  2. You can put it in a large and covered basket. Subsequently, that basket can stay on your nightstand or under the table beside your bed.
  3. Take into account your DIY skills and transform an ordinary box into a pretty storage space for your CPAP machine. You can cover it up with pretty papers and cloth during the day and pull it off at night to use the device.
  4. You can also use a handmade quilt to cover the basket or the box—the best way is to make a quilt that complements your room’s color. If you can, use a color similar to your bedsheets and curtains.
  5. Does your room have a TV or a bookshelf? You can also adjust your equipment so that it stays hidden behind the TV or the shelf.

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